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Thanks for taking a step to find out a little more about Air Graffiti Dallas and this very cool new technology.  Recently named the  hottest event technology in 2012.

Air Graffiti is a unique and very customizable event technology that can be used in various ways to create something magical at an event.   For example we are collaborating with the art community in Dallas to to bring Art entertainment with a  flare using our 8 foot by 10 foot screen.   This is perfect for a cocktail setting where you are looking for a hot trendy way to entertain guests and clients.

We provide a backdrop of cool trendy music while an artist uses this digital canvas to create art.   It could be the faces of some famous people,  something relevant to the event, a logo or graffiti all using the Digital Spray paint paint capabilities of the Air Graffiti Wall.  It’s a live art that can be enjoyed in large or small group settings.  All with no mess or no smell.

Add to this the ability to include your logo, website or other relevant data on printed images that can be signed by the artist during your event.      A 3 Hour event featuring music, the Air Graffiti virtual wall, and an artist is only $2000.00.

Want more:  Here iare the other customizable things we can do with the Air Graffiti Virtual Wall.

  • Bigger than life Photo Wall – We will add a photography element by taking group or individual shots against our 10 wide foot backdrop.  We can then drop in the digital background of chooise from our extensive library or we can create a special background just fro your event.  Perfect for weddings where you want to to mark the date along with your names and last initial for every photo at the event.   Add elements like a white or couch for a touch of class.    Also great for corporate branding where we can customize a backdrop with branding messages, product shots, logo’s etc.. .  Each print can also have the brand or logo.   $1,750 for 3 hour event.
  • Digital Graffiti Wall – Turn your guest loose on the Air Graffiti wall with our digital spray paint and let them create art on a their choice of backdrop like a brick, or wooden wall, concrete,  various types of metal, or maybe just a solid color.  They are only limited by their creativity.  $1,500 for 3 hour event
  • Custom Stencil – We can turn you logo, initials,  branding message, into a digital stencil that can be sized moved and turned and then painted using our digital spray paint.  Your clients, guest and the press will be able to create custom works of art with your brand in a very unique way.  Add $200 to any package for this.
  • Projection Mapping – Using the Air Graffiti Technology along wth projection mapping provides you a unique way to create interaction with your brand and products at an event.   For example:  If you were launching a new car we can create a white image of the car to be used with the Air Graffiti wall that is then projected live in HD onto an actual white car at the event.  So whatever is applied on the Air Graffiti screen is projected in real time on the car giving the impression that the car is being painted.   This technique  can be used with any large product that can be brought into an event.  Price variable depending upon required to program the projection mapping.
  • Roving Photographer with giant photos –  Let one of our photographers mingle the crowd to take photos’s which are then beamed back automatically to the Air Graffiti Wall in HD.  Your guest will appear in bigger than life images on our 8 foot by 10 foot wall seconds after their image is taken.  Creating a slide  show of the action as it’s happening.  Each image will last for about 30 seconds or until the next photo is taken.  The full image library is available to you and the end of the event.   $1,500 for 3 hour event.

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