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FBI Agent Said Jared Loughner Made Graffiti Used byChristian Anti …

The thousands of pages of documents recently released in the case of Jared Loughner's murderous rampage, which left six……/fbi_agent_said_jared_loughne…
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American Cancer Society – Relay for Life 2013

American Cancer Society – Relay for Life 2013
Event on 2013-04-19 19:00:00

Let's Finish the Fight Against Cancer!!!!

April 19/20, 2013

Kerr Middle School- Track

517 Johnson Street

Burleson, Texas  76028

FREE event – 100% of all donations collected to to American Cancer Society Relay for Life. Money is used for RESEARCH, ADVOCACY, and EDUCATION. American Cancer Society fights all types of cancer – childhood to adult!

This event is open to the community – you do not have to register to join the fight. Event begins at 7PM. Clowns, Bounce Houses, Petting Zoo, Photo Booth, Face Painting, Food Trucks, Carnival Games!!!!

Union Hill will be playing at 10PM.

Lock of Love Ceremony at Midnight.

Cancer does not sleep and neither do we!

Spread the word – bring your family and frineds.

at Relay For Life Burleson
Kerr Middle School
Burleson, United States

The Spirit Of Rock Is Alive And Well And Parked in Brooklyn

Well today was a day. It was right up there, man — about as dumb as a day can get without generating anything worth repeating publicly. Actually, come to think of it, pretty much everything dumb that happened today is highly confidential. Now that I really focus on it, a participant in every single conversation I had today said “this is highly confidential.” For the last few, I was that person.

Let me tell you something: it ain’t fun.

Now I am sitting here at my desk with the top button of my jeans unbuttoned, practicing the lost art of the perfect smoke ring while writing this in one window and downloading Led Zeppelin tunes in another.

Things are looking up. And really, they could be a lot worse. A really good old friend of mine is in jail right now, and he just sent me a pretty bleak letter. I had to have a confidential conversation about its contents.

I could have written that letter.

But do you ever have those days where you’re just like “my GOD, what has happened to the spirit of ROCK?” Where you just look back at the stuff that you liked from your twenties and forget all the scraping for respect from the world in between the good moments and say to yourself, ‘hey man, I used to ROCK. I used to feel the Spirit of Rock and now it has shambled away forever.”

On the worst days you are standing behind a tall fence in the back of your own mind and listening to the Spirit of Rock play beach volleyball on the other side.

I might be having one of those days. They’re listening to Led Zeppelin on the other side of the fence, and apparently someone’s just shown up with a fresh pitcher of margaritas but I will never be invited to taste those drinks again.

So here’s my antidote to feeling like that – I just keep this picture on my iPhone and look at it whenever I need it:

Spirit of Punk

I saw this while I was out walking around about a month ago, parked right on Marcy Ave. Just look at it. It looks like things in there smell bad but feel great, like the thing is crouching on its back wheels to leap on the highway to hell. I took it on my iPhone and then fiddled with it in a few apps and on Photoshop to make it look like an old movie. This photo may not be exactly what it looks like to look at that van, but it’s a pretty good representation of what it feels like.

The Spirit of Rock is alive and well and parked on Marcy Avenue. He may not be a roommate, but I’m still in his neighborhood. And overall, I think I like that dude a lot better now that we’re not living together anymore.

And I Am Not Lying » Street Art & Graffiti

Lean Kanban North America Finalizes Speaker Lineup for April Management Conference

Seattle, Washington (PRWEB) March 29, 2013

Lean Kanban North America 2013, part of the global conference series of the largest, highest quality Kanban events in the world, announces the final lineup of speakers for its management conference taking place April 28-May 2 in Chicago.

Organized by Lean-Kanban University (LKU), Lean Kanban North America is an international gathering of professionals who realize the value of Lean thinking. This year’s conference features the next wave of ideas on measurement, psychology of change, Kanban at scale, risk management, and core foundations of Kanban.

The event is for managers, developers, and change agents who value smart thinking, voracious learning, and constant improvement in the workplace. Attendees will meet and mingle with thought leaders, worldwide experts and Brickell Key Award winners who are the most-respected Lean and Kanban experts all sharing their knowledge under one roof.

Lean Kanban North America Keynote Speakers include:

Rogue Copy Editor Corrects the C Train

My grammar isn’t always perfect, but I do okay. When something’s misspelled or written incorrectly, it feels like a string out of tune. Or like hearing bagpipes – in tune or not.

It seems like copy-editors are getting laid off left, right, and center – as though nobody cares anymore. Sure, typos happen when you’re writing and posting fast. And everyone knows what you meant to say. But it’s like giving a big presentation with your fly all the way down. Sure, people know that you meant to put pants on. And your wang is probably still covered. But it still makes a distinct impression.

It looks like a rogue copyeditor took the red Sharpie to this Uniqlo ad on the C train. They just couldn’t take it anymore.

Edited Uniqlo ad

Good for them. It works better now, doesn’t it?

And I Am Not Lying » Street Art & Graffiti

Geologic Paint Formations On the Subway at 4th & 9th

I saw these doorways on the subway at the 4th and 9th streets in Brooklyn – with layers and layers of paint chipped away so that workmen could get to the padlocks holding them shut. I thought they were just breathtaking, like a micro-geologic event in slow-motion action. The paint looks like steppes or a canyon slowly eroded by wind and time, doesn’t it? Kinda like another planet where people have to hike down those paint layer steppes into this treacherous valley with a gigantic ceremonial padlock in the center, like some sort of ancient alien ship.

And like, every million years a giant hand yanks the ship away and rips the planet apart, shaking everyone off to drift into their deaths in the cold wilds of the outer atmosphere.

In case you were wondering, I was, in fact, late to my destination. And yes, I do find psychedelic drugs to be redundant. Enjoy the pics:

Geologic paint layers on the subway

Subway paint geology

And I Am Not Lying » Street Art & Graffiti

Social Media Is Depressing as Hell

I saw this at the Lafayette stop on the C train heading into Brooklyn last night — just chalk on a black painted rectangle. It’s true, too:


For Google, e-readers: the text reads “Social media is depressing as hell.”

And I Am Not Lying » Street Art & Graffiti

Air Graffiti Introduces the Ultimate Photo Booth Experience in Dallas / Ft. Worth

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) December 18, 2012

The photo booth experience has been a huge hit at recent events. The party guests rave about the cool experience provided by the Air Graffiti virtual Photo Booth experience. We can barely keep up with demand, said Dennis Walthers, Owner of Air Graffiti Dallas.

Air Graffiti gets its name by combining multiple technologies to create a magical experience that features digital spray paint that can be adjusted for size, blur and transparency much the same way as using real spray paint. In fact it even has a drip feature, added Dennis

Per the website ( the size of the Air Graffiti screen is 8 feet tall by 10 feet wide. Using the screen as a backdrop to photos makes it perfect for large group shots or shots that just cant be done in a typical photo booth.

Add in a mix of real photo props and digital photo props with stencils and stamps that can be added to any image for a customized image.

This is the coolest event photography technology to hit the market. It definitely ups the WOW factor for events. When event guest first see the virtual photo wall in action we get a constant stream of compliments on how cool the technology and experience is, added Dennis.

We can combine the Air Graffiti Wall with a local artist to create entertainment art or to interact with photos of guest in a new an creative way that creates a fresh approach to event photography, said Dennis.

If desired we can also provide a backdrop of music of in your choice of genre or artist featuring powered speakers, added Dennis

This latest Photo Booth offering is one of many features by Air Graffiti Dallas featured on the companies website. For additional information about the ultimate Photo Booth Experience by Air Graffiti Dallas, contact Dennis Walthers at (214) 293-5044. You can visit the Air Graffiti Dallas website at and use the Contact Us tab.


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