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Q&A: Do all macs come with Photo Booth?

Question by ♥: Do all macs include Photo Booth?
I purchased a mac online a few days earlier and I got it yesterday. There is no Photo Booth on it. It was not made use of before … I got it from the Apple Shop.
How do I get photo booth? Is it complimentary? THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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Response by nuthernickname
Photo Booth is a little software application by Apple Inc. for Mac OS X for taking photos and (since Mac OS X v10.5) video with an iSight camera or other web cams. The program was at first just bundled with Macintosh computer systems that had an integrated iSight video camera, but now it comes bundled with Mac OS X Leopard. If your computer system has a built-in iSight video camera OR if it has Leopard, you should have Photo Booth.

According to a Mac forum, if your computer system doesn’t have Photo Booth installed, it can not be downloaded. It only comes with MacBook Pro and iMacs w / iSights.

If you require even more information, or if you think your computer needs to have had Photo Booth set up, I ‘d recommend calling Apple support.


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