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Can an open-air graffiti museum lure tourists back to Tunisia? – Middle East Eye

Middle East Eye
Can an outdoor graffiti gallery lure tourists back to Tunisia?Middle East Eye The small town of Erriadh,on the Tunisian island of Djerba, has been transformed into an al fresco graffiti gallery, enticing vacationers from all over the world.” It is phenomenal,”said Ridha Jebali proudly, an ecstatic lunch dining establishment owner on the … air graffiti-Google News

How To Select The Right Entertainment For Your Occasion

If you are arranging a corporate occasion, it is crucial to integrate different entertainment activities into the event. There are a number of types of entertainment acts that can be included into the occasion. For that, you will certainly require to check out hundreds of places and fulfill thousands of performers to pick the ideal entertainment for your company’s event. But this can be stayed clear of if you know what you are going to do. Two major considerations could assist you make the proper decision relating to the various home entertainment acts.

What sort of event it is– The sort of occasion identifies exactly what sort of home entertainment activities can be provided for the visitors. It can be a training session, a formal get together or a yearly celebration. The business occasion entertainment can be an intro for students, fun for the member of the family of the company workers and the inspiration required for employees at a corporation. An ideal entertainment at the event can only decide whether the celebration is a blast or a bust. Spending great deals of cash and energy on arranging the program but not having the ability to win applaud of the guests will bring you just disappointment. The staff members understand that such occasions are arranged as a refreshment for them and do not anticipate to obtain anything concerned to their work like speeches about company targets and motivational lectures..
What sort of visitors are expected – The age and type of visitors helps a lot in figuring out the type of expectations they can have from the event. For circumstances, if it is solely an internal occasion, the performances arranged need to be according to the option of the employees. You can likewise request for ideas from the workers about what they expect the event to be. But if the family members of the workers are also invited, the activities should be decided remembering the type of guests. It should be something that will resemble by all and not just a few of the visitors. There need to be no indecency or anything else that can develop offending feelings in the visitors
The responses to these two concerns will get rid of all your confusions and afterwards you will certainly be able to arrange your occasion in the finest possible method. A long speech about the business’s performance in the previous monetary year and its future goals can be extremely boring for the household members particularly youngsters. On the other hand, a circus act or a magician revealing small techniques in front of the audience may entertain the youngsters however not the elders. There are a lot of choices for the acts which will entertain individuals of every age group like dance performance, funny acts, etc. so you have to explore your alternatives.
When the external visitors which are not a part of the business are also welcomed to the occasion, it ends up being a severe matter worrying the credibility of the company and the organizer. So being an organizer, it becomes your responsibility to decide the right kind of corporate occasion entertainment.

Clint Paddison is one of the most required comedians carrying out in all sort of events. He can be gotten in touch with with the internet site if you desire to include his mind blowing efficiency into your Corporate Event Entertainment section.

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Can an open-air graffiti museum lure tourists back to Tunisia? – Middle East Eye

Middle East Eye
Can an open-air graffiti museum lure tourists back to Tunisia?Middle East Eye The little village of Erriadh,on the Tunisian island of Djerba, has actually been changed into an al fresco graffiti gallery, enticing travelers from all over the world.” It is remarkable,”said Ridha Jebali proudly, an ecstatic lunch restaurant owner on the … air graffiti-Google News

Upcoming Sports Occasions

Relying on the time of year and the period, you are going to find that there are going to be different types of upcoming sports occasions that are pertaining to your location. Of course, there are events that are going to happen around the same time each year regardless. These would include the Olympics consisting of the winter sports and the summer season ones also. Specific times of the year you are going to find that you will certainly have the ability to see football and others you are going to be able to see tennis. It all relies on exactly what you enjoy and what you are wanting to enjoy.

Some sports will actually begin in one season and surface in another. For example, American football will certainly start out in the summer season then end in the winter. This is terrific for fans due to the fact that they have the opportunity to get their fill for sometime before the period ends. If you are someone that enjoys winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding, you might be anticipating the winter season months so you can see what is occurring with your favorite teams and players. Naturally if you are a summer season person than you could look forward to baseball or maybe soccer during the warmer months.

Of course there are sports that do not require a time of period if they are played indoors. Indoor hockey is among them since they can play all year on the ice and not need to fret about whether it is cold or not outdoors however the cold weather are the most popular time to play. Already, individuals are beginning to anticipate the Olympics as groups and players are currently training and getting all set for the games to start. This is a very interesting time for those that are attempting to make the groups so that they can compete for their nation.

If you are trying to find exactly what it occurring in your location, all you need to do is jump online and see what it occurring in or around your town. Possibly you live somewhere that they have motor cross competition and you are looking for the next competition. By just looking online or in your local paper you are going to have the ability to find just exactly what is occurring in your area so that you can prepare appropriately. This is an excellent idea if you are looking for tickets to provide somebody for an unique celebration such as a birthday or a vacation.

Finding upcoming sports occasions is easy when you look online to see exactly what is taking place. You are going to find that things are happening relying on the period that you are looking and whether or not you prefer indoor or outdoor occasions. You will certainly be able to discover each one of your favorites such as golf, swimming, football, cycling and even soccer. Everything that you are searching for can be right within your reaches with the click of a mouse.

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President John F. Kennedy Assination Day with First Lady Dallas, Texas 5×7 MINT

Dallas Occasions on eBay:

Can an open-air graffiti museum lure tourists back to Tunisia? – Middle East Eye

Middle East Eye
Can an open-air graffiti museum lure vacationers back to Tunisia?Middle East Eye The small village of Erriadh,on the Tunisian island of Djerba, has been changed into an open-air graffiti gallery, tempting tourists from all over the world.” It is remarkable,”stated Ridha Jebali proudly, a thrilled lunch dining establishment owner on the … air graffiti-Google News

An Effective Local Moving Quote

A local moving quote can save you time and headache, and if you get this quote from more then one source you can find an excellent moving business to work with. There are numerous places where you can get the quotes that you seek. Discovering these alternatives will certainly make your move a remarkable one for all the best factors.

You can ask your family and friends for guidance on who they used for their local move. You may find that if you just look in a telephone directory that you can end up being overwhelmed extremely swiftly. Asking around can produce very sound results that you can trust.

You may wish to call a moving company you have an interest in and see if they will certainly come out to your home and this can provide you a feel for the business. Having a representative of a moving business in your house also permits you to get an extremely accurate quote.

The Bbb can be a tremendous resource that you could desire to use to examine the moving business that you would like to know more about. If you find that a business has lots of problems, you could want to keep away from this moving company.

You could have an extremely important resource within your reaches on your own personal computer. You can acquire a number of quotes commonly in one location and this can conserve you a remarkable amount of time and provide you with very detailed results. You can pick from a far away or short range step then get a variety of results.

When you are making use of an online comparison website it is still crucial to see to it that the moving company you have an interest in is accredited, insured and bonded. You want your items to be secured and having a look at a moving business can help keep your fulfillment high.

You have to keep in mind that no matter which moving company you pick for your regional step that you are responsible for all your products. If you make a list of all your products, it can assist you to ensure that you have all of your possessions when you are in the unpacking stage of your step. You do not want to understand a very long time later that you do not have all of your items.

A regional moving quote can conserve you misery later on and there are numerous resources to assist you find the very best local moving company for your next step. Simple planning in the start can help you to have the outcomes you desire when you are ready to take the trip of your next step.

Maureen Romensya invites you to see her moving website to receive quotes about moving and moving price quotes on your next move. Compare complimentary instant online moving quotes and select the finest moving business based upon services & & cost. When moving companies compete you conserve as much as 35 %.

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January Events In San Diego

Lots of a time, December vacations get stretched to January. If you are on a San Diego trip throughout January, you can look forward to some fascinating events in the beginning of a New Year. Right here are some of the events which you can take a look at in January:

Vacation of Lights

Picture enjoying animated vacation productions while driving with the Fairgrounds with festive music playing in the background! Won’t that be cheerful? The Vacation of Lights at the Del Mar Fairgrounds is a drive-through amazing play of light which attracts hundreds of spectators.

There will certainly be more than 400 shimmering and animated display screens with various motifs such as Treasures by the Lake, Toyland, Candy Walking stick Lane, and more. All these displays will certainly be shown around the racetrack at Del Mar. The Holiday of Lights currently started from November 25, 2010. And the last date of the program is January 2, 2011. So if you occur to be on a holiday to San Diego during then, make sure to drive with this spectacular light program.

The Science of Aliens

Are you fascinated by aliens and extraterrestrial life? Watch the science of aliens at the San Diego Air & & Area Gallery in Balboa Park. The Science of Aliens allows visitors to go on a journey where you can get up-close and personal with some weird creatures in the world, and see the aliens envisioned by scientists in a hands-on environment.

Would you prefer to learn whether there is a possibility of life on other planets? Do alien creatures currently occupy Earth in a few of the most extreme environments? All this info and many more realities are readily available at the Science of Aliens which has 4 different sections such as Alien Fiction, Alien Science, Alien Worlds, and Alien Communication. Besides these, you can also view some of the most popular sci-fi movies here. It is an exciting occasion to satisfy with the like-minded people and learn more about how the brightest of minds envision life in aliens worlds.

All That Flashes: The Elegance and Science of Gems and Mineral

Did you understand that shimmering sapphires, emeralds, rubies and other valuable gems have a history which is as old as the world Earth itself. Visit the San Diego Natural History Museum on 15th January, 2011 and being familiar with how Earth produces valuable gems. There will certainly be an exhibit of charming precious jewelry, gemstones, natural mineral crystals and some uncommon discovers such as kunzite, morganite, benotite and more. If you enjoy collecting stones and gems, then this is the exhibition which should not be missed.

Lizards & & Snakes: Alive!

On the exact same date also see the San Diego Natural History Museum in Balboa Park where you can stand up, close and individual with lizards and snakes. Big, little, intense, shy; you can discover all varieties of reptiles right here. Usually a lot of the people do not such as the sight of these reptiles. However it will certainly be fascinating to learn about the secret lives of these reptiles which are thought about more diverse than mammals and are discovered everywhere right from deserts, tropical rain forest, huge trees, to plains.

In order to enjoy your holiday to the fullest, make sure you remain in San Diego lodging from where Balboa Park and other places are neighboring so that you conserve time on travelling. If you have actually limited budget plan, then you do not have to go for inexpensive motels in San Diego. There are plenty of San Diego hotels which offer great services at budget friendly prices and extended stay San Diego also for people who desire to choose a prolonged stay holiday.

David Miller is a well known author who writes thoroughly on numerous events, celebrations, San Diego lodging, San Diego hotels which offer great services and extended stay San Diego. His short articles act as interesting guides to site visitors who are on a trip to San Diego.

Entrepreneurs meet Early-Stage Investors in Dallas

New york city, NY (PRWEB) November 5, 2007

On November 7th, 2007, FundingPost is hosting a panel conversation with leading Early-stage Investors at its “Early-Stage Endeavor Breakfast in Dallas” occasion, sponsored by Merging Residences. FundingPost has produced an unique niche because while most Investor occasions deal with Venture Capitalists and later-stage investors, this occasion enables early-stage business a chance to satisfy regional Early-stage Endeavor Capitalists. To read more about this event, the FundingPost Occasion Calendar and registration info are offered online.

. FundingPost, having hosting an extremely effective series of events for the last six years, is continuing this tested formula once more this year. The panelists for this event include: .
. Mike Decker, Principal, Wingate Partners . John Adler, General Partner, Silver Creek Ventures . Ned Hillside, Director, Sternhill Partners

Following the breakfast discussion, business will have the chance to “pitch” to the entire panel of investors. “It’s a great opportunity for an early-stage company to invest 20 minutes pitching a panel of Investors,” said Joe Rubin, Director, FundingPost. “Early-stage VCs are constantly on the lookout for terrific ideas, and FundingPost is happy to provide a forum for these investors to locate promising new ventures. Numerous of the business who pitched at our previous events have raised capital. We come across more success stories all the time …”

. To read more on the Investor conference and other FundingPost occasions, contact, call 800-461-5509 or go to the site.

. About . FundingPost is an entrepreneur and investor network reaching more than 200,000 executives and 6,000 Endeavor Capital and Angel Investors throughout the nation each month.

. For over six years FundingPost has actually dealt with countless Angel and Equity capital Investors and Entrepreneurs. FundingPost has actually hosted over 5,000 Chief executive officers and 600 Endeavor Funds at events in 15 cities nationwide, along with providing a quarterly Dealflow publication and a deal-exchange Site that has, generally, seen an intro of an Investor to a Business owner every company day since its beginning. FundingPost’s mission is to reach investors and entrepreneurs in every medium possible – both online and offline, and it is experiencing strong growth as the endeavor capital markets continue to improve worldwide. To read more kindly go to the site.

### .

. . .

Can an open-air graffiti museum lure tourists back to Tunisia? – Middle East Eye

Middle East Eye
Can an outdoor graffiti museum lure travelers back to Tunisia?Middle East Eye The little town of Erriadh,on the Tunisian island of Djerba, has been transformed into an open-air graffiti museum, enticing vacationers from all over the world.” It is phenomenal,”stated Ridha Jebali proudly, a thrilled lunch dining establishment owner on the … air graffiti-Google News

Most popular Events auctions

Events auctions you must keep an eye on:

Video Podcast Trailblazers of GeekBrief.TV, Cali Lewis & Neal Campbell to Speak at Inaugural SHUCK (Podcasters of Dallas) Occasion

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) November 14, 2007

SHELL, a new media lover group in Dallas, Texas revealed today that Cali Lewis, GeekBrief.TV’s host and reveal manufacturer Neal Campbell will certainly speak at the inaugural event of SHEATHING (Podcasters of Dallas) in Dallas, Texas on December 5, 2007. GeekBrief.TV is a top-tier technology video podcast with a core concentrate on tech, web 2.0, and device news. The two internet characters will certainly talk to the group about their procedure for investigating and creating content for the show numerous times weekly which has actually been consistently ranked as a top ten innovation podcast on Apple’s iTunes podcast directory for over a year.

. Led by social media expert Giovanni Gallucci and Carrie Carver, owner of, CASE was created to assist individuals discover others in North Texas who share a common interest for podcasting, social media and new media. The group assists people in this arising field type enduring, prominent, local community ties at social and instructional events that routinely fulfill in person.

.”There are numerous information to get ideal to have an enjoyable podcast,” stated Carrie Carver. “To obtain those information right and then also make it into a successful business is quite a feat and a growing part of the future of media,” she described. “Paying attention to exactly what Cali Lewis and Neal Campbell have to state ought to be a great evening.”

.”We wanted to begin the new group with a bang and connected to Cali & & Neal to provide the trigger for our very first event.” stated Giovanni Gallucci. “We were thrilled to state the least when they consented to direct the first SHUCK conference. You can not improve than these 2 when it pertains to stories of success in brand-new media.”

. SKIN events are interactive styled unconferences devoted to the sharing of knowledge around brand-new/ social media (audio and video podcasting). It’s a successor to the exceptionally effective DFW Podcaster Meetup Group.

. Monthly HULL occasions will certainly showcase a fast moving agenda based upon an usual motif: . 1) 5 expert ideas of the week . 2) Podcast Critique . 3) Networking . 4) Discussion . 5) See a Video Podcast . 6) Next Month’s Podcast Review Establish

. The COVERING event style for December will be content. We will certainly provide attendees suggestions on developing content and will critique a podcast based upon their content. Cali & & Neal will speak about material in the context of GeekBrief.TV.

. You do NOT have to be a podcaster to attend a SHUCK occasion. If you have an interest in podcasting, if you’re a listener, a blog writer, an artist, an internet lover, an interactive marketer, or simply someone curious about podcasting and new media, then please join us– and bring a good friend or associate.

. To learn more about CAPSULE, please check out Register as a member and RSVP for the meeting for a possibility to win a new iPod Nano.

. The presentation will certainly begin at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, December 5, 2007 at the Spike Global Grill in Mockingbird Station (5321 E Mockingbird Ln # 100, Dallas, TX 75206).

. About GeekBrief.TV . Geek Short TELEVISION is Shiny, Happy Tech News. It’s a 3-5 minute video podcast, launched 4-5 times a week. Cali Lewis and Neal Campbell cover news about innovation, customer electronics, and Internet 2.0 tasks.

. About Giovanni Gallucci . Based from Dallas, Texas, Giovanni Gallucci is a founding partner at DexterityMedia, a complete interactive marketing agency which focuses on social media production and promo. He is also a professors member of where he teaches courses on podcasting and social media. For more details about all Giovanni’s activities, kindly visit his blog at!.?.! About My Media DJ . Media outlets, universities, business, and people post programs online by podcast. My Media DJ discovers the best programs and arranges them into channels. You pick your channels and the pertinent material is sent out to you. Then, you tell us which programs you love, like, or hate. Your choices identify what material you receive in subsequent weeks. For more details see!.?.!. Kindly contact Giovanni at -LRB-469-RRB- 482-6978 to learn about sponsorship opportunities for this and future SKIN events. . ### . . . . .

Theo Padnos, American Journalist, on Being Kidnapped, Tortured and Released … – New York Times

New York Times
Theo Padnos, American Journalist, on Being Kidnapped, Tortured and Launched
New york city Times
By 4 in the morning, the packing was done. At dawn, the commander drove to the head of the column of Hiluxes and fired his handgun into the air. Within seconds we were gone, flying over the sand. There are roads in this part of Syria. We didn'' t use them.and more &


air graffiti – Google News

Famous Football Prices estimate Filled With Ageless Knowledge

Football Picks Services Compared For You

If you enjoy the excitement of betting on football games versus the number, then you are most likely constantly trying to find any advantage you can get. You delight in seeking insider details, getting early ideas about an injury, or merely seeming like you have a much better feel for the video games than others.

One method you care truly get a benefit is by utilizing the specialists who do have that details in addition to the understanding of a professional football video game handicapper. There are lots of services out there that claim to be able to assist you. To select the best one, though, you must have football picks services compared for you. Then you can choose the one that will certainly provide you that edge you are so desperately looking for when it comes to football wagering.

One to think about when you have football picks services compared is Doc Sports This handicapping services has really beened around for over 30 years. They have had excellent success, but do not make any outrageous claims on what they do. They win some and lose some, but win typically. The business is honest and inexpensive. So if you wish to look at a football handicapping service that will choose quality games for you in an honest way, Doc Sports deserves an appearance.

While Doc Sports is available both online and off, one web site that provides great service in professional football is This business comes close to NFL handicapping a various way than lots of others. They use exactly what they call in reverse chances handicapping. This suggests that they deal with a concern regarding why the line was set where it was. Once they have that knowledge, it is much easier to find out which lines might be a bit off. It is non-traditional, but has been reliable for them.

Another renowneded and effective location to believe about with football chooses services compared is Coaches Corner Sports. This offshore business will certainly provide football picks as well as a wealth of info about vital video games. Their prices are great and they even permit you to quickly place bets through their site. In addition, the offer a number of other sports chooses also.

If you are strictly into football, then you cannot actually have football picks services compared without This business provides NFL period picks from the preseason through the very bowl. They have a solid record in the past and have an extremely simple to make use of service. You can have choices emailed to you and you can get info on the site straight too. The option is yours.

By having football choices services compared for you, you can choose which business will certainly provide you what you need when it pertains to finding that advantage. If you want that edge and a little assistance from the pros, then think about some of these handicapping and selects services to provide you an assisting hand. After all, who understands much better than the specialists? Nobody, and that is why you will certainly have the edge.

Trying to find Quality Material to Publish Up on your Website or Sell For Earnings? Take advantage of the World’s Largest Collection of Prime Private Label and Resale Right Products. Assist yourself to countless PLR videos, audios, posts, ebooks, guides, post, web sites, graphics and more– all arranged by niche and bundled into easy-to-use, re-marketable modules– at ‘The PLR Content Source':

Grey’s Anatomy Cast – How We Operate

Grey’s Anatomy Cast – How We Run

from Grey’s Anatomy: The Music Event

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Mountain View revitalization continues with another new restaurant – KTVA CBS 11 News Alaska

Mountain View revitalization continues with another new restaurant
KTVA CBS 11 News Alaska
The scent of fresh sauerkraut and schnitzel wafts in the air at West Berlin. The brand-new dining establishment, situated at the corner of … Photos and graffiti art from that time period are spread around the restaurant walls. Hoopai stayed in Germany when he

air graffiti – Google News

Texas Wines And Foods In The Spotlight At Dallas’ First-Ever “Set A Course For Texas Wines”.

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) April 1, 2008

Chefs, sommeliers, wine sellers, wine representatives and wine enthusiasts delighted in a night of Texas’ finest wines and professional foods on Monday, March 31 at Dallas Contemporary kicking off a new Texas Department of Agriculture GO TEXAN program to motivate restaurants and retailers to provide local foods and Texas wines to their clients.

.”The growing number of Texas wineries producing prize-winning wines integrated with the ‘eat local’ food movement provides a remarkable chance for the GO TEXAN program to create more value and benefits to both consumers and manufacturers,” says Gene Richards, the Texas Department of Agriculture’s assistant commissioner for advertising and promotion. “Our goal is to make it simple for local restaurants and sellers to acquire Texas-produced foods and wines, and with the GO TEXAN Restaurant program, make it simple for customers to discover facilities that provide these Texas items.”

. The Dallas occasion, called “Set a Course for Texas Wines,” was sponsored by the Texas Department of Agriculture’s GO TEXAN wine marketing program ( and GO TEXAN Restaurant program ( A similar “Set a Course for Texas Wines” event was held in San Antonio at the St. Anthony Hotel early last month.

. Proceeds from the occasion benefited The Wine & & Food Foundation ( of Texas, which educates and acknowledges culinary and viticulture accomplishments throughout the state.

.”The strong turnout at this occasion, only the second of its kind, shows that Texans wish to consume, drink and find out about Texas wine and food,” says Rebecca Robinson, executive director of The Wine & & Food Foundation of Texas. “The event was an excellent way to display Texas wines, locally made products like cheeses and chocolates, and perfectly ready dishes made with Texas-proud commodities consisting of beef, pork and shrimp.”

. Participants tested wine from the state’s finest wineries consisting of: Alamosa Wine Cellars, Becker Vineyards, Brennan Vineyards, Delaney Vineyards, Fall Creek Vineyards, Flat Creek Estate Vineyard & & Winery, Fuqua Winery, Grape Creek Vineyards &, Haak Vineyards & Winery, Inwood Estates Vineyards, La Bodega Winery, La Buena Vida Vineyards, Landon Winery, Llano Estacado Winery, Los Pinos Cattle ranch Vineyards, Mandola Estate Winery, Maydelle Country Wines, McPherson Cellars, Messina Hof Winery & & Resort, Pheasant Ridge Winery, Sabor Azul, San Martino Winery & & Vineyards, Sugary food Dreams Winery, Texas Hills Vineyard, Texoma Winery, Vintner’s Cellar and Water 2 Wine.

. Specialized dishes were prepared by Richard Chamberlain, chef/proprietor of acclaimed Chamberlain’s Steak and Chop Houses and author of The Healthy Beef Cookbook, and Jermaine Brown, executive sous chef at Dallas’ Abacus Dining establishment. Chamberlain created Peppered Beef Tenderloin with Maple Sugary food Potatoes and Balsamic Syrup for the Texas Beef Council and Garlic Butter Poached Shrimp with Truffle Grits for Texas Shrimp while Brown prepared Pork Tenderloin with Creamy Polenta and Spicy Fig Sauce for the Texas Pork Producers Association. Furthermore, both chefs recommended a number of Texas wine pairings for their respective dishes.

. For more details about the Texas Department of Agriculture’s GO TEXAN wine marketing program, please go to, and to get more information about GO TEXAN items, go to!.?.!. # # # . .


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Seafood lovers delight over events in Ruskin, Brandon

Seafood enthusiasts pleasure over occasions in Ruskin, Brandon
Now in its 26th year, the celebration features a range of food vendors serving seafood and other specialized food products, an arts and crafts reveal, boat display screens and children'' s location with interactive rides and home entertainment. The SouthShore Chamber of …
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Halloween occasions
Outfit contest, home entertainment, interactive inflatables, carnival games, health and wellness zone, face painting, marshmallow roasting, food trucks, pumpkin patch and more. Tunnel of Terror for age 12 and older, Lady Street gates open at 6:30 p.m., $ 3 …
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The Wellness Musuem'' s Teddy Bear Examination set for Dec. 13
It'' s Teddy time at The Wellness Gallery. The yearly Teddy Bear Checkup, a vacation event where youngsters bring their preferred stuffed pals for their annual examination, occurs Saturday, December 13 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at The Health Gallery, 1515 …
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Kurdish women fight ISIS in Syria and beyond – KITV Honolulu

KITV Honolulu
Kurdish females combat ISIS in Syria and beyond
KITV Honolulu
And everywhere, there are posters and graffiti celebrating the valor and martyrdom of Kurdish fighters from the YPG. … American airstrikes, and a series of weapons and ammo air drops, prospered in loosening the ISIS siege. But the united state step
Meet America'' s newest allies: Syria ' s Kurdish minority12NewsNow. Com

all 91 news posts »

& raquo; air graffiti – Google News

Meet America’s newest allies: Syria’s Kurdish minority – 12NewsNow.Com

Meet America'' s latest allies: Syria ' s Kurdish minority
12NewsNow. Com
And everywhere, there are posters and graffiti celebrating the valor and martyrdom of Kurdish boxers from the Individuals'' s Protection Systems, or YPG. “”Our martyrs do not die. They live on in memory!”” a Kurdish leader revealed at a memorial wedding

and more »

& raquo; air graffiti – Google News

May Flash Crash Not About “Quote Stuffing”.

On a recent visit to Chicago for an annual Traders Sojourn I heard lots of horror stories about Flash crash losses varying from 1 Million to 11 Million just from people I understand, and it appears numerous lives get changed when you have these catastrophic disruptions. There is an old stating in the execution business on the exchange floors which goes like this, “There are just 2 type of losses – Big Ones – and children … Regulators probing the stock exchange “flash crash” last May still have actually not revealed a single cause but will indicate “stub quotes” and other previously recognized problems as having actually exacerbated the market’s remarkable drop, according to 2 sources familiar with the probe. A third source said the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is still inquiring about a “smoking cigarettes weapon” that might describe the May 6 crash, when the Dow Jones commercial average plunged some 700 points in the past greatly recovering, all in about 20 minutes. “Quote stuffing,” where great deals of rapid-fire stock orders are placed and canceled nearly instantly, will certainly not be fingered as one of the reasons for the crash, sources have actually stated. But the SEC is progressively penetrating market information from other trading days, trying to find possible issues with exactly what are often extreme varieties of buy and offer orders, stated the 3rd source. The fear is that such a flood of orders might clog information feeds and confuse investors, offering the sender an unjust advantage to arbitrage in between marketplaces.

Quote stuffing, a new term explaining this potentially illegal trading practice, differs from stub quotes, which are orders positioned well off the marketplace prices for stocks. Regulators are quickly due to release a follow-up report on the crash, which rattled investors worldwide and exposed defects in the high-speed electronic marketplace. Up until now, the guide by market regulators does not contain a great deal of new information and is anticipated to repeat earlier findings that a variety of events caused the crash, two sources said.

The sources requested privacy due to the fact that regulators are still collecting information and finalizing the report. The sources said the guide will point to stub quotes as one of the structural issues that added to the plunge. The SEC has actually currently embraced a pilot program to assist prevent a repeat of the crash. That circuit-breaker program pauses trading in a single stock when that stock is in crisis, and has tripped a number of times because it began in June. The SEC likewise wishes to prohibit stub quotes and is anticipated to suggest such a rule in the near future. For months, the SEC and other market regulators have grappled with half a lots working hypotheses to explain the flash crash. They have probed links between declines in prices of stock index products and the extreme mismatch in liquidity, among other things. Although regulators still can not describe what failed, they are thinking about brand-new guidelines to resolve issues exposed by the flash crash. In addition to the single-stock circuit breakers and stub quote ban, the SEC desires to tighten guidelines for marketmakers to make sure liquidity during demanding times. The SEC is also mulling updates to its wider breaker to give markets a quick respite ought to they plunge uncontrollably. Current marketwide breaker were not activated during the Might crash

For even more information see (The Global Online Investment Neighborhood) is a high traffic stock exchange, news data site supplying cutting edge new media services and products to publicly traded business worldwide. Our Editor’s Desk authors insightful real-time coverage on the economy, the capital markets and their noted business.

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Smooth Criminals How Subway Dancing Became A New York City Art Form … – Huffington Post

Huffington Post
Smooth Bad guys How Subway Dancing Became A New York City Art Form
Huffington Post
He'' d invest Friday night at an 18-and-over all-night dance celebration, then, as the sun rose outside the club, decamp for a close-by Foot Locker, where he'' d wait in line for hours, wanting to grab a pair of the current $ 220 Nike Air Flightposite basketball

and more »

& raquo; air graffiti – Google News

Sellers, Luxury Online marketers and Travel Experts Attend to Internet marketing Market at Range Online Media Client Summit

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) October 17, 2008

Range Online Media, a leading search and interactive advertising agency, just recently held its yearly Customer Summit at the Stoneleigh Hotel in Dallas. The top included presentations and panels from a selection of industry professionals, and following the daytime occasion, Range hosted a party held at an unique residence in north Dallas. The event was co-sponsored by Microsoft, Google, Drive PM, Doubleclick, Atlas, ForeSee Results,, BazaarVoice, Buzzlogic, Interclick, and AdShuffle.

. The panels and keynote addresses talked about a range of hot-button subjects pressing the interactive marketing industry. Mark Mahaney, the top stock-picker for the New York Times, opened the summit with a discussion on the state of the United States’ economy and its anticipated impact on ecommerce. Mahaney concluded that though ecommerce is not recession-proof, there is a $ 120 billion chance to get online advertising dollars from failing standard advertising platforms. He then led a discussion among a panel of online marketing professionals, concentrating on how their particular business were taking benefit of brand-new opportunities and altering the allotment of advertising dollars. The panelists shared that general, their marketing departments were shifting more cash to online divisions due to their strengths in measurability.

. Subsequent discussions by Michael Parker of Serena Software and Mark Flaharty of YouTube discussed the value of user engagement, customer connection and community structure, echoing the beliefs and observations of Mahaney’s panel– while economies are definitely in flux, online chances abound, supplied they are capitalized according to the brand-new requirements of user engagement and participation. Following Parker’s and Flaharty’s presentations, Sarah Holoubek, a freelance industry expert dealt with the power of online influentials and moderated a panel standing for, ForeSee, BazaarVoice, BuzzLogic and Range. Holoubek’s panel concluded that brands need to foster open conversations with their users by means of blogs and other social media avenues in order to preserve loyalty and grow their consumer base. Added content originated from Doubleclick, Beast Media, Atlas and Reliant Energy, along with Range-moderated panels including voices from Interclick, DrivePM, AdShuffle, Yahoo! and Accor and Aveda, Space, Wyndham and Nutrisystem, BuzzLogic and Atlas. The presentations went over trademark protection, social media transparency and the increasing imminence of attribution.

. When inquired about the function of the occasion, Misty Locke, President and Co-Founder of Range Online Media highlighted the summit’s concentrate on community. “A cardinal lesson I’ve learned from my experience in the online advertising market is that pieces– agencies, customers and suppliers alike– have to band together in order for the market to advance and develop,” stated Locke. “Variety’s annual summit constantly aims to connect the brightest and most ingenious players in business to share understanding and provide support for the coming year. The panelists raised bench in terms of engaging content, and I believe everyone who went to strolled away with beneficial strategies and tactics to employ in 2009 and beyond.”

. The top was gone to by over 120 reps from companies consisting of Neiman Marcus, Nutrisystem, Space Inc. and numerous others. At night, over 160 marketers were on hand for Range’s latin-themed affair featuring hand-rolled cigars, casino games and mojitos, in addition to flamenco artists and dancers.

. ABOUT VARIETY ONLINE MEDIA: . Variety Online Media is a leading search and interactive advertising agency that provides quantifiable success with comprehensive, online marketing services, including paid search marketing, seo (SEO), online media placement and emerging media, strategic planning, performance optimization and more.

. We presently provide strategic management and campaign management services to Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Accor Hotels North America, L’Occitane en Provence, The Container Shop, Godiva, Burberry, Wyndham Hotels & & Resorts and many other smart customers. We were proud to have actually been named to the 2007 and 2008 top 25 search marketing firms in America by Proverb and to Inc. Publication’s Inc. 5,000 list of fastest growing personal business in 2007 and 2008. Variety has actually likewise gotten the greatest typical customer fulfillment rating in the paid search market by Jupiter Study for the last four successive years.

. Range is headquartered in Texas and has workplaces in New york city and Utah. Please visit our internet site at!.?.!. # # # . .


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