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Great Entertainment Options In Auckland

New Zealand is a very beautiful country and within it Auckland offers the largest urban area where almost one third of the total population lives (which is about 1.4 million inhabitants). The atmosphere here is very low key and people are so friendly that, when you will travel there you will have a hard time going back to your home. Auckland was listed as the 4th place in the world in terms of quality of living, which says a lot about how good life there truly is.

Auckland is also a very hot destination for tourists, and there are many places there you will not want to miss. Here are a few of them just to get you started.

The Central Business District

Although its number of inhabitants is low compared to many other major cities in the world, Auckland does not lack the urban feel. A great place to see and visit in the New Zealand city is the Central Business District. The area is rich in stores that invite you to do some prime quality shopping, as well as many chic cafes where you can take a well deserved break. Even when walking down the streets you can have a lot of fun because of the live street performances by many local artists.

The nightlife is also vivid on these streets. There are many fine restaurants and watering holes for every type of clientele. A particular thing that you may find very appealing about restaurants in New Zealand is that all restaurants have an extensive wine list.

Auckland’s Viaduct

After having a day of fun in the Central Business District, it is time for a little relaxation. You can take a walk along the viaduct where the waterfront is fully packed with bars and other restaurants. Here you can enjoy a great meal while taking in the views; the harbor is often crowded with yachts and boats. If you want to continue the fun you can wait until night fall, when many bars open their gates to patrons. It is well known that you can drink to your heart’s content, and have a gorgeous meal al fresco.

Karangahape Road

Nightly entertainment is readily available at many of the establishments situated along Karangahape Road. The locals simply call it K Road, and it is a great place to go bar hopping from one nightclub to the next one. Do not plan on early mornings if you are heading out to the clubs as as most clubs do not get crowded until about midnight and dancing and partying continues until the wee hours.

Traveling to Auckland can mean tons of fun. These are just a few places where you can go for great entertainment. The laid back atmosphere, the friendly people, the great restaurants with amazing wine lists, and the wild bars and nightclubs all make a visit to Auckland a great experience.

Great Entertainment Options in Auckland is a travel guide from Tripopedia, a travel encyclopedia. Learn about things to do, places to see and places to eat in Auckland.

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