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Silent Disco Dallas by DJ Sick Spins

Silent Disco DallasDo you like clubs but hate all the noise? It cаn be annoying going to a club and listening to all the noise around you. There are ways to eliminate this problem however with the Silent disco concept.

What is a Silent Disco?

A silent disco is where you go to as club, event, or some other place where there’s music and dancing and get a pair of headphones a the door with two channels on the set. Each channel has a different type of music. This allows the party goer to enjoy their favorite music on the headset while at the party. The person can see through lights on the set what the other people are listening to on their headset. It allows for a personalized experience for the person attending the party.

Party in Silence

If you want to talk to someone simply take your headset off and start talking. There’s no need to yell over the loud music because there isn’t any as everyone is wearing a headset and listening to music when they want to. If you want to get up and dance simpӏy put your headset back on and go dancing. This concept allows people to get to know each other without having to fight through the constant blaring music at the club or event they are at. You are free to wear your headset as much or as little as you want.

Listen to What You Want To

There’s nothing n worse than going to a cub and not having the music you want to listen to playing. The headset allows you to switch music whenever you want with the two channels on the set. This allows for customization for each person attending the party or event where they can listen to what they want on the headset. If you don’t like the song you can take the headset off or just change the channel on it.

Clubs Using the Concept

Many clubs are now using the silent disco concept as it’s a great new way to enjoy a party or event on the terms of the party goer. The headsets allow anyone to enjoy the party music but not have it interfere with the enjoyment of someone else. If you just want to talk and not listen to music you are free to do that as the music isn’t blaring through the entire establishment it’s playing through the headset of the person wearing it.

For event organizers or clubs there’s entire sets of lights, music, and other equipment available that also come with the headsets for party goers and patrons to the establishment. You don’t have to worry about music as it’s all available with the silent disco system. This system is a unique way to enjoy a party or event and give customization and personalization to each person attending.


For More Info or to book your Silent Disco event!silent-disco-by-dj-sick-spins/cme5


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