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Pepsi & KFC at The Rustic (Created with @Magisto)

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Unknown – Crisher Entertainment | Music, Artist, Design, Events, PR

Unknown – Crisher Entertainment | Music, Artist, Design, Events, PR

from Crisher Entertainment | Music, Artist, Design, Events, PR

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Bere Gratis live performance

Some cool event entertainment images:

Bere Gratis live performance

Image by Sergiu Bacioiu
Bere Gratis performing live in Blaj, Romania

This is my first attempt in shooting a live performance outdoors.

Messerschmitt Me 262 (Apr 8, 2013 #498 Explored)

Image by katsrcool (Kool Cats Photography) 1,000,000 + View
Wiley Post Airpark, Oklahoma City, OK.

Miller-Valentine Group Receives Funding for New Development in Pine Lake, Georgia

Pine Lake, GA (PRWEB) May 02, 2014

The Villas at Pine Lake, located at 4656 Rockbridge Road, will serve working families who desire quality affordable housing. The community will include a mix of 96 one, two, and three bedroom apartments complete with energy-efficient features and a multitude of amenities normally found in luxury communities. Rents, however, will be set at affordable rates.

The Villas at Pine Lake will be the centerpiece of The City of Pine Lakes 2011 statutory redevelopment plan for downtown revitalization. The level of community support this project has is truly amazing, stated Brian McGeady, Partner & President of Miller-Valentine Affordable Housing Development. Were thrilled to be able to work with the City of Pine Lake on this project.

The project will begin in July 2014 with completion slated for Summer 2015. The property will include on-site management, a community room for resident events and entertainment, a business center with computer work stations, as well as outdoor living areas.

For further information on the development of The Villas at Pine Lake, or other Miller-Valentine Group communities, please call (888) 440-5619, or email us at villaspinelakes(at)propemail(dot)com; information is also available on

About Miller-Valentine Group

Since our founding in 1963, Miller-Valentine Group has been dedicated to quality, value and service. Our vertically integrated companies offer total real estate solutions in the areas of Design/Build Construction, Development, Management, and Financing for both residential and commercial markets. They also provide Renovation, Brokerage, and Leasing services for commercial markets. All of Miller-Valentine Group’s divisions have combined to provide customers with more than 13,000 residential housing units and over 50 million square feet of commercial space.

Miller-Valentine Group develops real estate in the Midwest, Southeast, and Southwest regions of the country, with offices in Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio, Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina, Ft. Worth, Texas and Miami, Florida. As an industry leader they offer a wide range of residential products, including multi-family, single family, military housing, active adult, independent and assisted living, as well as skilled nursing communities. The company also offers a vast array of commercial products, including office, retail, lodging, healthcare, manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Why does Vince label WWE as “sports entertainment” and not wrestling like TNA and other wrestling promotions?

Question by “TNAation” Monday Night War: Why does Vince label WWE as “sports entertainment” and not wrestling like TNA and other wrestling promotions?
Agree or Disagree: TNA cares about the fans whereas WWE doesn’t?

Best answer:

Answer by THEE_Cody_Leedy
Sports entertainment is a hybrid between sport, and theatric acting. TNA doesn’t use this label because the story lines are very sub-par because of the shotty writing from people like Vince Russo.not Knocking the TNA Roster…just how TNA is ran. Most Independents and places like Japan don’t tell storys with a microphone and a back story. they simply wrestle. Personally….I’m a fan of both.

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“Event Entertainment and Production,” Celebrates a Decade of Success as The First and Only Book on These Topics for Meetings and Events

Washington, DC (PRWEB) May 06, 2014

Author Mark Sonder, MM, CSEP and Chief Entertainment Officer at the award winning music and entertainment agency Mark Sonder Productions, Inc. is proud to announce that the reach of his full-length hard cover book, “Event Entertainment and Production,” continues to be grow as the next generation of meeting and event planners becomes aware of the only text on the subjects of music, entertainment and production for the meetings, events and hospitality industries.

“Although it has been a decade now since its first printing,” Sonder states, “this book, considered the singular source on this subject matter, is now in the hands of many meeting and event planners and all colleges and universities which feature a meeting and event management department.” “I am proud to say that my publisher is the large firm, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,” continues Sonder.

What people are saying about Mark Sonder’s, “Event Entertainment and Production:”

“this book is the most comprehensive compendium of entertainment and production art and science that has ever been assembled.”

Dr. Joe Goldblatt, CSEP, Lecturer, Queen Margaret University, School of Business, Enterprise and Management, Tourism, Hospitality and Events in Edinburgh, Scotland

“I already have a copy and that’s how i know it is great. You are a wealth of knowledge.”

Harith Wickrema, Adjunct Professor Temple University

“Mr. Sonder has crafted an important body of work which is an essential for every Event professional.”

Richard Aaron, CMP, CSEP, President, BizBash Media

“LOVE the book!”

Mark Butts, Lighting Director The Kenny Chesney Show, Lighting Programmer Peoples Choice Awards for CBS in Los Angeles

The book is widely available and also online at

About author Mark Sonder and his company Mark Sonder Productions, Inc.

Mark Sonder is a Certified Special Event Professional since its inception (1993) and a founding member of these trade associations: The International Special Event Society, The Association of Entertainment Professionals, and The International Association of Corporate Entertainment Professional. Sonder also sits on the faculty of The George Washington University in Washington DC.

His company was created in 1985 to fill a growing need for music, entertainment, speakers, headline entertainers and supportive production in corporate and association meetings, conventions and special events plus facilities, casinos and concerts, the company in its 29 years, has worked in the US, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Contact: +1-540-636-1640 or msonder(at)marksonderproductions(dot)com

Q&A: Has anybody else realized that major sporting events are no longer “family entertainment”?

Question by Has anybody else realized that major sporting events are no longer “family entertainment”?
I live near Detroit and took my kids downtown with a girlfriend of mine 2 weekends ago to catch some of the World Series excitement.

Evenything was great except for one little problem, there wasn’t ONE establishment near the stadium that had anything geared towards kids. From Chelly’s Chili to Hockeytown, every single restaurant was a drunken debauchery.

Basically, unless you had an exorbinantly priced ticket to the event, you had nowhere to go downtown and catch the game if you had kiddies in tow.

Personally, I thought that this was shameful and Detroit should once again be ashamed of itself. When I was a little girl I remember watching sports with my grandfather almost every Sunday. He wasn’t loaded out of his mind.

Likewise, the few times that I did attend an event, my family members weren’t wasted off their butts.

Now practically every game I go to, people are falling down drunk, starting fights and acting like idiots.

Is anybody else as disgusted as I am?

Best answer:

Answer by monizk
i dont watch sports and aside from playing them they can stop showing them on tv for all i care. but the world series is not a kid event. its the championship so of course fans are going to be drunk and rouwdy. take your kids to a “home” game not a championship and it will be more like when your grandpa took you to the game.

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