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SUCUK UND BRATWURST: The Berlin Creative Studio Delivering the Hottest Fashion Campaigns & Editorials – Complex

SUCUK UND BRATWURST: The Berlin Creative Studio Delivering the Hottest Fashion Campaigns & Editorials  Complex
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Our link is just the creative community: 3rd EyE Open Hip Hop Festival takes over Downtown New Bedford –

Our link is just the creative community: 3rd EyE Open Hip Hop Festival takes over Downtown New Bedford

NEW BEDFORD — If you were walking through Downtown New Bedford on Saturday, you might have been confused by what you saw. 3rd EyE Open Hip Hop …

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Where The Lions Roar: Creative E-Commerce Winners From Cannes – Forbes

Where The Lions Roar: Creative E-Commerce Winners From Cannes  Forbes

What constitutes the “best of the best” in creative e-commerce? Reviewing the brave, the bold and the brilliant award-winners from the Cannes Lions Festival.

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Creative Night Out brings talents to First Thursday events | News, Sports, Jobs – Minot Daily News

Creative Night Out brings talents to First Thursday events | News, Sports, Jobs  Minot Daily News

Creative Night Out brings the diverse talents of the community to downtown Minot, running on the first Thursday of each month through Sept. This weeks event …

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Tampa Bay New Year’s Eve concerts and live music with The Hip Abduction, Sh-Booms and more – Creative Loafing Tampa

Tampa Bay New Year’s Eve concerts and live music with The Hip Abduction, Sh-Booms and more  Creative Loafing Tampa

We’ve detailed Fubar’s closing show over and over again for the last week, and there were more New Year’s Eve concerts than we could fit into print in our latest …

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Creative Ways To Follow Up With Leads From Your Trade Show Booths

Virtually every company that takes the time to exhibit trade show booths or table top displays will take the time to call and follow up with any leads that emerge from the event. Calling is a great first step because it allows you to reconnect with people who were interested in your products at that time, and remind them of the facts that were highlighted in your tradeshow booths. Calling is a good start, but it has significant drawbacks: you can’t show images over the phone, your conversation won’t be recorded for later reference should the prospect desire it, and most importantly of all, everyone else will be calling too. You should still give prospects a call, but your business may find it more profitable to use one of these other techniques as well.

Idea #1: Send A Thank-You Note

The thank-you note is an iconic symbol of politeness, a gesture almost from another age. That is one of its principal advantages when used as a follow up to tradeshow booths: it is relatively unexpected. One of the best ways to attract attention from prospects is by sending them a handwritten, old-fashioned thank-you card to their snail mail address. Email is generally preferable for most forms of follow up after table top displays, but it’s hard to beat the uniqueness of a great card.

Idea #2: An Appreciation Gift

Like a card, this gift would be sent after the table top displays have been taken down. The idea behind a gift is to give something that will be useful for the prospect and will remind him or her about your company. Examples include paperweights, tote bags, and other utility items; try to avoid inexpensive, small tokens like pens, which are more appropriately given at the actual trade show booths. Gifts sent after the exhibition should be more substantial, recognizing that these people deserve more service than those who had no interest in your company.

Sending out gifts in this manner also helps increase the return on your investment in the gifts. This way, you only distribute them to qualified leads, so you’re much more likely to get something back for your investment. Gifts are a great way to draw attention to your tradeshow booths, but unless you draw a distinction between qualified leads and people who just want something free, you’re unlikely to get the best results.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Wait!

The biggest mistake any company can make is waiting more than a week after the tradeshow booths are taken down to follow up with leads. You should be starting to compile and sort your different leads even before the exhibition ends, so you’re ready to start following up immediately after. You should wait a day or two to let the visitors get settled into their offices again, but after that is the time to start making calls, sending gifts, or sending thank-you cards. Whatever you do, don’t let your company be off the minds of your prospects for more than a week, or you’re likely to be forgotten.

Prompt follow ups are the best way to ensure success from your trade show booths. No matter how you choose to reconnect with prospects, unless you do it swiftly, you are likely to lose the lead. With swift action and smart thinking, your company can be ahead of the game when it comes to turning leads into sales.

Chris Harmen is an author for the leading producer of Houston tradeshow booths, Skyline. As a top local company, Skyline has produced table top displays in Houston for virtually all major industries.

Designing Creative Event Invitations

Very often, the entire motif of an event or party is presented first through the invite that is used. It is customary to send some sort of token ahead of time to let your guests know that they are welcome to come.

They are usually filled with general information about the celebration, where it will be held, what time and on what date, and what the guest should wear or bring with them. Though it may not seem very important, it is vital to have a presentable invite to let your family and peers know the details.

Invites can be created and fabricated for almost anything. The most popular events to send them for are weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, graduations, and anniversaries.

If you are planning a momentous occasion and are hoping that your favorite people will join you for it, there are a number of ways that you can let them know about it. The traditional way is through the use of a creative card or paper notice.

If it is less formal, you could make calls on the telephone; those that have a great number of friends and family to welcome to the party should probably enlist help to notify them. Another way to welcome friends to a casual event is through email.

Many sites have begun creating e-cards, or fun and visually pleasing emails. There are usually a number of different cards and backgrounds that you can send.

Some of them may have a cost, but it will probably still be less than you would spend by going to a card or invitation store. Those that are planning a more special or formal soiree, like a wedding or baby shower, should usually go to the trouble to create paper invites to send through the mail.

These can be any size or style; use your imagination when you are pondering the theme and your taste. For weddings and receptions, it is customary to include a photo of the couple, along with all of the other important details.

Usually this photo is done professionally and showcases the couple’s affection and excitement. Those that are unable to pay for the pictures to be taken professionally should find a friend with a high quality camera and ask them to take a few snapshots.

These can be loaded onto a disk and taken to your nearest printing or graphics store; it is very often much less expensive to print out the photos this way. If you are unsure about which size you would like or would be appropriate, ask the help of the customer service workers.

It is always best to print practice snapshots before you do it in larger quantities. That way, you can make sure that it is exactly to your liking.

If you want to break away from the mold and think out of the box, it is perfectly acceptable to have a less traditional type of wedding notification. There has been a push among modern brides and grooms for the token to fully represent them, even if they are quirky.

Those that hope for something a little different than the traditional wide card with silver or black wording can hire a graphic designer to create something for them. There are a number of different talented individuals that you can find online or in your area to help you.

However, this can sometimes be more expensive than the regular type. If you wish, and have the artistic talent, you could even draw up a prototype yourself.

The design, writing, and picture will all come together for a unique way to announce your marriage. You can even make use of different colored and textured papers.

A baby shower is another event that warrants a fabulous invite. Friends of the expectant mother that tend to be on the crafty side can design a theme for the party and let the card reflect that.

Scrapbooking and craft stores have a huge amount of stickers, glue-ins, and patterned paper that can be used to fashion into a fabulous invite. You could also try embossing, stenciling, and stamping.

However you decide to welcome your friends and family to your celebration, it is customary to send them a token to notify them of the affair. If you use your ingenuity and artistic abilities, you can create something unique that they will cherish for years to come.

Jack R. Landry is a business marketing specialist with over twenty years of business marketing experience. He has written hundreds of articles on business marketing and Printing Salt Lake City.

Contact Info:
Jack R. Landry

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Pinnacle Creative Group Launches New Advertising Approach to a Market in Need

Leesburg, FL (PRWEB) February 01, 2013

Pinnacle Creative Group, an advertising agency in Leesburg, FL, is helping small, local businesses with nearly zero marketing budgets explode their sales through a new approach to advertising.

In a small rural area of Central Florida called Lake County, there are many mom and pop shops that are surviving the economic condition of the last few years yet are continually growing wearier as time goes on. Business is still unstable. They find that they have a few good months and then a few bad. Marketing and advertising efforts continue to prove too expensive with little or no return. Seeing such a market in need, Pinnacle Creative Group developed a new approach to advertising that specifically targets and helps such businesses.

Many advertising companies offer mass media as advertising solutions to their clients, says Mandy Stewart, Pinnacles account manager. Yet, many small businesses simply cant afford it. A simple magazine ad, for example, can take up a small businesss entire advertising budget and they may not get any immediate results. Its good for branding, but bad for a small business that needs direct results.

Even though Pinnacle does use mass media for their clients, this new approach utilizes cutting edge techniques and creativity specifically designed for such small businesses mentioned, and its paying off. Pinnacles clients are getting results like never before. One client, a photo booth rental company, has seen a triple digit increase in sales. They have now expanded into 4 new markets and are continuing to use Pinnacle in each of their new markets. We have found that that our approach seems to be working across most industries said Stewart. However it is necessary to tailor this advertising approach specific for each client.

Pinnacle says that the most assuring part of this new approach is that if the client doesnt see results, they dont pay anything. They offer a free consultation meeting and free advertising profile for their new customer package. Call or click for more information. 352-787-2900.

With over 58 years of combined experience, Pinnacle Creative Group creates and delivers cost effective, strategic advertising campaigns for broadcast, web and print. They are media experts with a unique, client-oriented approach and award-winning creative services focused on increasing their clients bottom line.

Call or click for more information. 352-787-2900.

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