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SEPTA trains and buses have great airflow — which means less coronavirus risk for riders – WHYY

SEPTA trains and buses have great airflow — which means less coronavirus risk for riders  WHYY
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12 Great Dive Bars in Greater Phoenix – Phoenix New Times

12 Great Dive Bars in Greater Phoenix  Phoenix New Times
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The ‘Blue the Great’ Air Jordan 1 Mid is Now Live on StockX – SLAM Online

The ‘Blue the Great’ Air Jordan 1 Mid is Now Live on StockX  SLAM Online
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Blue The Great Adds Colorful Suede And Corduroy To The Air Jordan 1 Mid – Sneaker News

Blue The Great Adds Colorful Suede And Corduroy To The Air Jordan 1 Mid  Sneaker News
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Banksy’s great, but it’s the witty and heartfelt local graffiti that fascinates me – The Guardian

Banksy’s great, but it’s the witty and heartfelt local graffiti that fascinates me  The Guardian
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Stop Blaming Instagram for Ruining the Great Outdoors – VICE

Stop Blaming Instagram for Ruining the Great Outdoors  VICE

We don’t need less nature photos on social media, we need more funding for our public lands.

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‘The Great Successor’ Ventures Inside Kim Jong Un’s North Korea – Valley Public Radio

‘The Great Successor’ Ventures Inside Kim Jong Un’s North Korea  Valley Public Radio

DAVE DAVIES, HOST: This is *FRESH* AIR. I’m Dave Davies in for Terry Gross, who’s off this week. In her new book, our guest Anna Fifield says that.

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Things To Do: Best Bets for a Great Weekend in Houston, May 30-June 2, 2019 – Houston Press

Things To Do: Best Bets for a Great Weekend in Houston, May 30-June 2, 2019  Houston Press

GONZO247 has tackled murals, beer silos and cars before, but this will be the first time he’s painted an entire plane. The fun actually kicks off Thursday with a …

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Clyde Beal: Another great show at the World of Wheels – Huntington Herald Dispatch

Clyde Beal: Another great show at the World of Wheels  Huntington Herald Dispatch

Are you a certified car buff? Does your memory meander back to a time of fifteen cent hamburgers, American Bandstand, drive-in movies and ducktail haircuts?

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Hong Kong Coliseum – The Haven For Great Entertainment

Much as the Romans of years gone by used their Coliseum to promote blood sports complete with gladiators and other such entertainment, Hong Kong’s Coliseum on the other hand is Asia’s answer to a popular gathering place for citizen’s to be entertained, albeit in a more sedate form than the Romans.

Having been built by Hong Kong’s Urban Council, the Coliseum is situated in Kowloon and is actually used more often as an indoor arena. Its name in Chinese is derived from the meaning of sport, but the variety of events held at this venue far exceeds the limits of physical sports. The areas popular singers often prefer to hold concerts here, since its seating capacity is in the thousands.

To be exact, the Hong Kong Coliseum has a seating capacity of about 12,500 making it the second largest indoor stadium in the country. The Coliseum’s frontage is perhaps one of its most unusual features that begs to be noticed from the outside. Its inverted pyramid structure has now become one the most popular features of Hong Kong’s skyline.

If tourists are not tempted to explore its interior through curiosity, then its sheer size is bound to impress. Like all arenas, the benefit of viewing, is further enhanced by the wide open spaces which are void of columns, providing an unobstructed view and this venue.

The Hong Kong Coliseum comprises of three main areas. Those include the Piazza, Box Office and of course the Arena. But in addition to this, the venue also offers other services such as dining and some ancillary features as well. In terms of ancillary features, the Coliseum offers a VIP Lounge and a few function rooms often used for press conferences and receptions which are conducted in conjunction with performances to be held in the arena.

Since its inception in the 80’s it has been the venue of choice for countless international conferences and events. It has also witnessed the performances of Air Supply, pop heavy weight Elton John and Latin heart throb Ricky Martin, not to mention Jackie Chan and Andy Lau also chose the Coliseum as their concert venue. Some of the venue’s most memorable performances were from the New York Philharmonic, the ‘Disney on Ice’ show and tenor Placido Domingo – now that’s entertainment!

Apart from its size and seating capacity which are all plus points, the HongKong Coliseum is also situated at the centre of many public transport access points. Being right next to the railway station, tourists could hop on and step in for a quick look around and take another one to enter the city and return to their accommodation.

Speaking of which, a stay at a central Hotel in Hong Kong would make going about all the easier and faster. The Cosmo Hotel is one such option that caters to many different types of tourists while offering easy access to popular shopping and eateries in the vicinity.

Interactive Dolls Are Always Great Gifts and It’s No Different for Christmas 2010

It’s Black Friday week at the writing of this article so the high shopping season has begun. The big question every year for every parent is just what toy will be the must have toy of the year because somehow the kids always know.

One big toy item each year that is purchased for girls are dolls, lots of different kinds of dolls. With each passing year as technology increases those dolls become more lifelike able to do amazing things. They seem more and more like real infants, toddlers or even pre-schoolers. Each year, these lifelike interactive dolls are sure to found among the top toys to appear under the tree.

The different toy manufacturers such as Hasbro, Mattel and Fisher-Price, compete to provide that one interactive doll that will be the Cabbage Patch doll this Christmas. Remember the long lines of parents frantically searching and hoping to purchase those Cabbage Patch dolls? Or the Tickle Me Elmo craze when it was so hard to find one and they were selling for a small fortune on eBay thanks to Rosie O’Donnell?

One good way to check out what dolls are popular is by checking various lists such as Amazon’s Best Sellers lists. Appearing on the Amazon top 100 interactive dolls list you will find such toys as Elizabeth, the Fully Interactive Baby doll and the 8 inch tall Little Bo Peep musical doll that comes with her own sheep. Right now there is even the 25 year celebration Cabbage Patch Kids Babies Carvel Ice Cream Cone doll from Cabbage Patch Kids. If you are a collector, there’s one to add to your collection this year.

The big winners in Amazon’s top 100 list though are Hasbro’s Baby Alive dolls. As a matter of fact, right now the various interactive dolls and their accessories hold 14 of the top 20 places on the interactive dolls best sellers list. This will mean getting one for your little girl will be sure to place you at the top of her list. You won’t go wrong choosing from one of the Baby Alive doll line for your little girl this Christmas or any Christmas.

The dolls in the line have all levels of interactivity. You can get simple ones that rely on the child’s imagination for all of the interaction. Or you can find dolls that bounce and babble. Even some of them eat, drink, wet their diapers, and talk. There’s even one that a little mommy can potty train.

But Baby Alive dolls are only a few of the interactive dolls available. Watching this year’s commercials aimed at kids show several more that will make acceptable gifts. Learn what your child wants her doll to be able to do and you will find an interactive doll that will do just that.

Learn more about some available interactive dolls at Find great interactive ones in the Baby Alive doll line at as well.

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How To Plan A Great Event

If you have ever planned a party of event, you know how much work goes into coordinating everything. The weeks leading up to the event are hectic and you spend a lot of time stressing over the details, hoping everything runs as you have planned. Great event planners have the organization down to a science and they rely on other professionals to support them on the big day. For instance, if you are planning a fun business event, you can call on professional food services to help you with the day of cooking and food supply. BBQ catering offers corporate catering services as well to business professionals in the area. They give your event a casual, fun feeling that makes clients and co-workers feel at ease.

In addition to great food, events need to have some entertainment. Your guest list should dictate the type of entertainment you plan. If you are having an adults-only event, you can opt for different entertainment than an event that is attended by children. However, if this is a work-related event, make sure you keep things professional. Consider bringing in dancers, magicians, comedians or dramatic performers to give guests something to enjoy besides the meal and the company. While you should not monopolize all of their time, a few minutes of entertainment in the middle of the evening often gets an event over that awkward period of boredom. You can also have constant entertainment off to the side that guests can enjoy at their leisure.

When readying the environment for your event, be sure to decorate tastefully. There is nothing worse than going to a party filled with tacky decorations and things that are haphazard or falling apart. Professional party decorators can help you set the mood and create the right ambiance. Whether you go with traditional party decor or choose something more modern and hip, be sure your decoration matches the ambiance of the party.

When putting together a guest list, be sure to create a mix of interesting people. While some guest lists will be set in stone as to whom you must invite, you can still liven things up with a few unexpected people. If you are throwing a corporate event, invite a few people in the community who are considered experts in the field, having someone interesting mingling among the other guests will give a new perspective on things.

Finally, prepare for children if you are going to invite them. Kids have a tendency to get bored fast than adults and when they do feel boredom; they have a much tougher time hiding it. If you are going to have a mixed crowd of adults and kids at your event, make sure there is an area for children to play. A children’s area is a great idea for most parties and you can section off a space and fill it with toys, games and arts materials. This way kids are occupied, they can hang out together and the adults know their children are in a safe environment and not running around looking for something to do.

Stewart Wrighter made arrangements for Roseville bbq catering to prepare food for his family reunion. He hired a Sacramento corporate catering company to provide food for his staff.

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Creating A Great Trade Show Booth On A Tight Budget

Dealing with restrictions like budget and space is one of the hardest things to do when designing a trade show display. Your ideal unit may be large and customized, but could be far outside your current price range. You might not be able to afford your dream display, but you can create something unique and effective, all while spending a fraction of the money. The trick is to stop thinking of large custom units as the only option for a high-impact trade show exhibit. There are many other ways to establish yourself at a convention which don’t require you spending thousands of dollars.

Use Portable Displays For A Strong Impact

The effectiveness of a trade show booth does not depend solely on its size or how imposing it appears to be from across the convention hall. The key to drawing a large crowd is to attract their attention so that they want to know more. There are many ways to accomplish this, and they don’t all require a large unit. When you are on a budget, instead of going for size, go for design innovation.

A portable trade show display has a lot of room for unique content and interesting designs. Even if you’ve chosen a comparably small style, you can still attract attention if you use that space wisely. First, pick complementary colors like red and white with plenty of contrast and high saturation. Second, avoid overcrowding the space. You want the few words and images you do use to be easily noticed. Third, ensure that some part of your unit is visible above the head of the crowd. This can be tough with a tabletop unit, as it’s usually shoulder level or lower. No matter the difficulty, getting an overhead sign is always worth it because it will show people what you are offering from far away, enticing them to visit your booth.

Banner Stands – An Inexpensive Trade Show Booth Alternative

When you are trying to fill a large space, but don’t want to spend the money on a full-sized trade show exhibit, banner stands are a great choice. These stands offer a very unique aesthetic, and can be combined in a number of different ways to yield different display styles. When properly placed, banner stands can seem just as large as any trade show booth.

Proper placement is a matter of creating a ‘wall’ of different banner stands. Many companies will use three, positioned next to each other with a small gap between them. These three banner stands will have one graphic split between them, giving a very modern and visually dynamic presentation. This wall of banner stands would make up the back portion of the trade show exhibit, leaving additional room for tables or other elements in front of it. One of the classic weaknesses of this kind of design was relatively little room for literature or other elements, but new design concepts offer built-in platforms on the banner stands that address these issue well.

Whether you choose a single portable unit, or decide to combine banner stands, you’ll see a substantial savings over the purchase of a larger stand. If you follow these tips, you will be able to create a small unit that will have a big impact, drawing lots of attention at crowded conventions.

Chris Harmen is an author for Skyline, designers of the ultimate trade show display in Dallas. Every Skyline trade show booth in Dallas is created from the best materials, custom fitted to your budget and design needs.

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Great Entertainment With Lcd Tvs

Entertainment at home without LCD TVs is not possible and with the advent of LCD TV, people are enjoying to watch their favorite with great clarity and crispness in the quality of the picture. The LCD TVs are now very popular and are in great demand for its technology and the image quality. There are innumerable companies that produce LCD TVs and many of whom have gained the trust of the consumers and are now enjoying the benefits of their hard work. The LCD TVs price in India is now more affordable and is in the price range fit for the middle-class too.

The Videocon LCD TVs price in India of the Videocon VLL32HBA is Rs. 27,990 approximately. This LCD TV from Videocon is a 32 inch TV which is black color and has a resolution of 1366 x 768 and is HD TV. The invisible speaker gives the TV a great look and this sleek and slim LCD TV has 16.7 million colors with Finish, 75000:1 contrast. The TV is HDMI 16:9 aspect ratio and comes in 450 cd/m2 brightness. This glossy finished TV has 3D noise reduction and has a power rating 5 x 2. You also get AV in, AV out, PC audio input and 1-S video interface connectivity.

The Samsung LCD TVs price in India of the Samsung LA 26A450C1 is Rs. 21,749 approximately. The screen size is 26 inches and comes in glossy black finish. The TV has digital natural image engine + and comes in 15,000: 1 dynamic contrast ratio purer whites and deep blacks. The LCD from Samsung is equipped with wide color enhancer 2 and gives out natural and true colors. The weight of the TV is 9 kg and the length is 216 mm and the width is 669 mm and the height is 500 mm.

The LG LCD TVs price in India of the model LG 32 LD460 is for Rs. 29,990 approximately and this TV is a 32 inch LCD TV and is a sleek design with full support 1080p videos and comes with 300 watts with peak music power output. You also get great viewing angle and the infinite surround sound enhances the performance of the audio especially while watching movies. It also supports PC connectivity and HDMI port. The resolution is 1920 x 1080p and the brightness is cd/m2 450 the color reproduction (RGB): 10 bit.

Dev Cas is a well known author and has written articles on Videocon LED TVs Price list and Godrej LED TVs Price listand online shope, n many other subjects.

How To Create A Great Trade Show Booth No Matter The Dimensions

You’ve signed up for a standard 10-foot area at the next industry convention in town, and now you’re looking at what type of trade show booth you want to purchase. Narrowing down the style is intimidating enough, but have you thought about size? The size of portable trade show displays is absolutely crucial, because it has such a big impact on how your company is perceived. The actual size is important, but the perception of its dimension is crucial. If the unit feels overbearing and overwhelming, it might scare away visitors. Think ahead, plan your space out ahead of time, and you’ll have success no matter what sized tradeshow exhibits you pick.

Small Tradeshow Exhibits

It is very hard to make a table top unit overwhelming. If you’re looking at pop up portable trade show displays or panel units that are made specifically to go on top of a table, you probably won’t find that you’ve made it too big. The only limitation on size here is logistical: you can’t use a stand larger than the table can hold. If you will be exhibiting at a space on a table provided by the convention, you’ll need to determine how much room you have on that table down to the inch. Ensure that you have enough room for your main stand, and leave extra space that might be necessary for supports. There is nothing worse than having a unit you can’t use because of bad measuring.

Medium Portable Trade Show Displays

This size bracket is the most susceptible to improper sizing. The reason for it is simple: companies will often misjudge the impact of tradeshow exhibits this size simply because they don’t fit neatly into any other category. They’re not quite large enough to fit in with the very large portable trade show displays, but they’re not small enough to fit in with the table top units. Instead, their size must be determined by their style and by the company’s needs.

Any style which features a projection outward from the back wall will tend to be more intimidating at a larger size. Many companies choose a trade show booth comprised of one single back wall, either formed from multiple consecutive banner stands or perhaps by panels. Whatever the method, the look is very much the same. The benefit is that you can use the full amount of space that you’re given. With just a back wall, it’s virtually impossible for portable trade show displays to become overwhelming.

If you are using any other design, you should be careful. Tradeshow exhibits can be hard to judge before you see them in person. If possible, lay out the entire trade show booth on a scale model. Try moving a number of scale people around, and see how it compares. When in doubt, make the unit smaller.

The Large Custom Trade Show Booth

When choosing this type of unit, you’re unlikely to be deciding alone. The company should steer you toward an open design, one that allows a lot of walking room. The most successful large units have an airy, open feel that encourages visitors to move through them. Walls should be high-impact when they appear, and may include transparent elements.

Before you finalize the set up of your tradeshow exhibits, do a final walkthrough. You want to see everything for yourself, ensuring that all sizing is appropriate. No matter what size you’ve ultimately chosen, you should get the same feeling from a well-constructed stand: it should feel right for your company. If you’ve accomplished that, you’ve accomplished your goal.  

Chris Harmen is an author for Skyline, offering portable trade show displays of every size. From customized tradeshow exhibits to innovative new designs, Skyline is a recognized leader in convention technologies.

Great Entertainment Options In Auckland

New Zealand is a very beautiful country and within it Auckland offers the largest urban area where almost one third of the total population lives (which is about 1.4 million inhabitants). The atmosphere here is very low key and people are so friendly that, when you will travel there you will have a hard time going back to your home. Auckland was listed as the 4th place in the world in terms of quality of living, which says a lot about how good life there truly is.

Auckland is also a very hot destination for tourists, and there are many places there you will not want to miss. Here are a few of them just to get you started.

The Central Business District

Although its number of inhabitants is low compared to many other major cities in the world, Auckland does not lack the urban feel. A great place to see and visit in the New Zealand city is the Central Business District. The area is rich in stores that invite you to do some prime quality shopping, as well as many chic cafes where you can take a well deserved break. Even when walking down the streets you can have a lot of fun because of the live street performances by many local artists.

The nightlife is also vivid on these streets. There are many fine restaurants and watering holes for every type of clientele. A particular thing that you may find very appealing about restaurants in New Zealand is that all restaurants have an extensive wine list.

Auckland’s Viaduct

After having a day of fun in the Central Business District, it is time for a little relaxation. You can take a walk along the viaduct where the waterfront is fully packed with bars and other restaurants. Here you can enjoy a great meal while taking in the views; the harbor is often crowded with yachts and boats. If you want to continue the fun you can wait until night fall, when many bars open their gates to patrons. It is well known that you can drink to your heart’s content, and have a gorgeous meal al fresco.

Karangahape Road

Nightly entertainment is readily available at many of the establishments situated along Karangahape Road. The locals simply call it K Road, and it is a great place to go bar hopping from one nightclub to the next one. Do not plan on early mornings if you are heading out to the clubs as as most clubs do not get crowded until about midnight and dancing and partying continues until the wee hours.

Traveling to Auckland can mean tons of fun. These are just a few places where you can go for great entertainment. The laid back atmosphere, the friendly people, the great restaurants with amazing wine lists, and the wild bars and nightclubs all make a visit to Auckland a great experience.

Great Entertainment Options in Auckland is a travel guide from Tripopedia, a travel encyclopedia. Learn about things to do, places to see and places to eat in Auckland.

Tijuana’s new public bus system – not great once you leave downtown – San Diego Reader

San Diego Reader
Tijuana's new public bus system – not great once you leave downtown
San Diego Reader
#The new public bus system – which cost federal and state government, as well as international investors, about $ 60 million to construct – was designed to transform public transit with air-conditioned buses, a smart-card payment system, security

air graffiti – Google News

Big Sights And Great Entertainment

As you plan your trip to London book a holiday apartment online, by booking online you can save a bunch of money on your stay. Plus by choosing a holiday apartment, you get all the amenities of a hotel with the comfort of being at home.

The sights of London range from the historic to the new. See wonderful historical buildings that are known worldwide such as the Tower Bridge or Big Ben. Find beautiful historic buildings like these all over London, each one meticulously maintained so people from all over the world can continue to enjoy them for years to come. While sightseeing, you may notice other buildings that will one day become historical buildings in their own right. Buildings like the Gherkin, Lloyd’s building, or even the “Shard of Glass” building which should be complete in 2012.

Entertainment of all sorts can be easily found throughout London, the hard choice will be what to pick. If you like to dance and enjoy the music try going to one of the many great clubs during your stay, but if that doesn’t satisfy your dance craving, try going to London in late August. This is when the Notting Hill Carnival occurs and it is the second largest street party in the world! Fabulous costumes and dancing abound in this incredible carnival.

Theater is also a great way to spend some time in London. Head to the entertainment district by Leicester Square to find film premieres, opera, plays, and ballet. See what’s playing as you walk around by looking at the huge marquees found all over the area. The choices for entertainment are numerous and may be a difficult decision to come to, so pick a few or even one for every day that you are in London. Once you decide what you want to see head to the theater for an evening of divine entertainment.

Whenever you start to get hungry try stopping by one of the many restaurants found all over, but for the most choices try going to Islington’s upper street. This one mile stretch of road has more restaurant and bar choices than anywhere else in London, or the UK. If that doesn’t wet your appetite after seeing all the possible choices for London cuisine, try heading to Soho instead. Soho’s Chinatown district has excellent gastronomy choices as well.

After all the sightseeing, entertainment, and fabulous food it’s time for a little shopping. Head to one of the shopping districts found throughout the city. Find that unique item in one of the lovely stores in London, many carry specialty items found nowhere else. The great diversity of the shops found allow you to pick a real memento to remember your trip to London and brag about to all of your friends.

London full of historical treasures! Come and discover it! alquiler apartamentos Londres, apartamentos en Londres, alojamiento en Londres

Taking Pictures of Backgrounds For Producing Great Stock Photos!

There is something very simple you can do to increase your stock photography sales. If, like me, you engage in digitally composited photos, you can even enhance your entire business immeasurably! That simple thing is to photograph backgrounds. By backgrounds I mean images that can serve as a backdrop for an inset picture that might be a product or person, or that can serve as a location, a background, for a composited image.

The need for background pictures

There is a huge need for such background images. This can range from backgrounds for MySpace, Facebook or Twitter pages to screensavers, to advertising in print or on the Internet. We don’t think about those background images much, they aren’t as sexy or glamorous as the “hero” images are, but they are vital, in demand, and ubiquitous. In addition, they are all around us, right there for the taking!

A background image can be a field of grass, it can be an office, or it can be a sea of faces at a soccer game. For us digital imagers, you just never know what kind of background you will suddenly need. Often it is that background that you could have photographed, if you had only known, when you visited your friend in wherever last week! If I had it to do over again, I would photograph every office or room I have ever used in a shoot, empty. Only now, after 30 years of professional photography, am I starting to create a library of background images to use in my work.

Background photos pay off

Will that pay off? Above I mentioned that a background could be a simple shot of a field of grass. The background image for Windows is such a shot. I happen to know the photographer who shot it. Microsoft paid over $ 100,000.00 for that single stock shot. A field of grass with a blue sky!

At this very moment I have several composite projects that are waiting for me to come up with a suitable background image before I can complete them. Each of those projects represent potentially lost sales because they are “waiting’ and are not yet in the marketplace. And keep in mind; even if you don’t do composite images, it has become a common practice among today’s art directors and designers. Many of them are not photographers, don’t have their own libraries of images to choose from, and need to purchase such components whether through macro agencies like Getty and Corbis or through micro stock agencies like iStockphoto and Shutterstock.

Tips for shooting background photos

When you shoot background images there are a few points to keep in mind. When possible shoot the background from several different vantage points and different heights as well. This is especially important for images to be used in compositing as one never knows which height or angle is going to be the one that works for a given composite. Sometimes just a small difference in camera height at the time of the exposure can make or break the final composite photograph.

Another variable to take into consideration when shooting backgrounds, again of particular importance for composite images, is focus. Shoot some out of focus as well as sharp. Shoot an image slightly out-of-focus and then one that is very out-of-focus too. You can throw images out-of-focus using Photoshop filters, but the look is seldom as convincing as an image actually photographed out-of-focus.

When photographing these backgrounds keep in mind the need for the end user to put type and or other photographs into the image. Generally you will not want a tight crop. Also, shoot some with more foreground and then some with more room at the top of the image. Recently I have also started to shoot a series of images that I can stitch together in Photoshop to create a panorama background. That will give me even more possibilities and flexibility when I happen to need that background for one of my composite pictures.

Examples of successful background pictures

Some examples of background images that have worked for me: I shot a redwood forest and used it for a background in a shot of an “environmentally conscious” executive; A living room shot in an upscale penthouse in which a Chihuahua and a Wolfhound sit nose-to-nose; An airplane interior (shot with no particular use in mind as I waited for my flight to finish boarding) for use in a stock shot of a Sumo wrestler about to sit down beside you; A skyline shot of New York for use in the picture of a woman at the end of her rope; A vista shot in Mongolia used as a background for a “Thinker” elephant; And finally an abstract shot of swirling lights.

One word of warning, be aware of the need for property releases. If you are shooting in a private space you will need a release. I once made the mistake of shooting and using a background image in a private home I was renting, and when the need for a release became apparent I had to pay an additional $ 3,500.00 to the homeowner for that release! Make yourself familiar with the requirements for property releases and then abide by them.

Background pictures are needed. The need for them increases constantly. They can be a great source of revenue for the stock photographer and a real lifesaver for the digital imager. They are an all too-often neglected part of a photographers shooting schedule. So next time you are sitting in an airport with time on your hands, get that camera out and start looking for those backgrounds!

Visit John’s website for interesting out-of-the-ordinary stock photos: Concept Lifestyles Backgrounds

Favorite Memories Make Great Photo Blanket Designs

Cameras can capture all the most exciting and precious moments of your life. Most of the time, we put those memories in photo albums or scrapbooks. The less creative among us simply put them in photo storage boxes only to see daylight when were feeling a little nostalgic. Why should we keep these cherished pictures tucked away until the mood strikes us to see them again? The simple answer is: theres really nothing else we can do with them. That was the case until recently. Technology has evolved to a level unseen before. It has allowed us the opportunity to turn those cherished memories into everything from wall murals to photo blankets. Wouldnt it be great to snuggle up under a photo blanket that has a picture of your loving husband and three wonderful kids or maybe your wedding day? Its a great way to personalize your home and it can be a wonderful way to express your feelings toward your loved one with this truly unique, personalized gift.

Is it really possible to turn your favorite pictures into a blanket? Yes, but not every company has this technology. VisionBedding, however, is a leader in this field. can personalize your blankets or anything else for that matter with your favorite pictures. Forget about customizing coffee mugs when you can give your wife a more personalized gift, one that she is sure to love for years to come.

This is the customizing portion of the companys business, but thats not all VisionBedding does. The company can take your pictures or any picture for that matter and turn it into comfy photo blankets. VisionBedding offers a variety of canned pictures that can be put on any blanket you want. You can turn your sons bed into a sports-themed wonderland with customized blankets that have his favorite athletic stadium or pictures of his favorite sports-themed painting. There are so many options, as you can see by visiting VisionBeddings website.

The only restrictions you have on your photo blankets or any other customizable bedding is your imagination. Any room in your home can be brightened and made to feel more welcoming with a motif that is special to the family. One of the best things about photo blankets is that these pieces of artwork never fade. The blankets can be washed a bunch of times but, because they are not silk-screened, the image never disappears.

Instead of wandering through the many home dcor retailers hoping to find the one blanket that has your ideal design, go to to save time and, probably, money. The company has made customizing home dcor, including photo blankets, super easy. Its something one can do within a few minutes. Youll be snuggling under your favorite picture in no time.

Article Source: VisionBedding blog

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Release the Infinite Monkeys to Make VR Great – WIRED

Release the Infinite Monkeys to Make VR Great
Cody Brown, an entrepreneur who holds VR events in New York, used Tilt Brush to draw a Father's Day card for his dad: red-white-and-blue words written like graffiti in the air, with snowflakes drifting down around them. “He liked it a lot,” Brown says

air graffiti – Google News

Release the Infinite Monkeys to Make VR Great – WIRED

Release the Infinite Monkeys to Make VR Great
Cody Brown, an entrepreneur who holds VR events in New York, used Tilt Brush to draw a Father's Day card for his dad: red-white-and-blue words written like graffiti in the air, with snowflakes drifting down around them. “He liked it a lot,” Brown says

air graffiti – Google News

Restaurant review | Oldskool makes the grade with great food, fun decor – Columbus Dispatch

Columbus Dispatch
Restaurant review | Oldskool makes the grade with great food, fun decor
Columbus Dispatch
For fresh air and fun, there are garage doors, a little patio, a pinball machine and a large bar evocatively assembled from school lockers. For thirst quenching, 10 beers are on tap; several of them are local brews. Fancy a cocktail? The two I tried

and more »

air graffiti – Google News

HBO’s Record-Biz Drama ‘Vinyl’ Is TV’s Next Great Show – MediaPost Communications

MediaPost Communications
HBO's Record-Biz Drama 'Vinyl' Is TV's Next Great Show
MediaPost Communications
That puts me in the category of older viewers for whom watching “Vinyl” is an exercise in nostalgia — right down to the graffiti-covered subway cars and stations that will make you wonder how they re-created them. At the same time, younger … His

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