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Lights, cameras, graffiti: Chennai gears up to welcome PM Modi, Xi Jinping – The New Indian Express

Lights, cameras, graffiti: Chennai gears up to welcome PM Modi, Xi Jinping  The New Indian Express
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Affected By Water Crisis, Chennai Metro Turns Off Air Conditioners In Stations, Trains – The Logical Indian

Affected By Water Crisis, Chennai Metro Turns Off Air Conditioners In Stations, Trains  The Logical Indian

Water scarcity has pushed the Chennai Metro Rail (CMRL) to reduce the usage of Air Conditioners in their units.

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[Watch] Air Chief Marshal Leads Missing Man Formation To Pay Tribute To Kargil Martyr – The Logical Indian

[Watch] Air Chief Marshal Leads Missing Man Formation To Pay Tribute To Kargil Martyr  The Logical Indian

ACM Dhanoa and Air Marshal flew MIG-21 Type 96 aircraft. After the flypast, ACM Dhanoa paid respects by laying a wreath at the War Memorial.

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In Pics: Funny Graffiti Is Being Used To Talk About The Indian Elections – ED Times

In Pics: Funny Graffiti Is Being Used To Talk About The Indian Elections  ED Times

The Indian elections are coming up with increasing speed, any day we will all be setting out to cast our vote to the most suitable candidate. Campaigning is …

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Another Trick on the Wall – The Indian Express

Another Trick on the Wall  The Indian Express

Perhaps, the best way to savour Bristol is through its street art, which never recedes to the background despite the city’s blue infinities.

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The Battle For Mesa Prieta’s Petroglyphs – Indian Country Today Media Network

Indian Country Today Media Network
The Battle For Mesa Prieta's Petroglyphs
Indian Country Today Media Network
After a rain, the scent of sage fills the air. Besides being gorgeous, Mesa Prieta … Modern graffiti is etched in some places next to the ancient art, and off-terrain vehicles are carving up some parts of the greater Mesa area. Talachy and a local

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Video Competition Spreading Gooi in Asia Indian Students to Make Two-Minute Films For Competition

Bangalore, India (PRWEB) May 04, 2014

Ten two-minute videos will illustrate gooi in a competition commissioned this week in India by, the cloud-based mobile technology brand that is changing the shape of networking around the world, said Mygooi founder Jay Namboor.

He and CEO Paul N. Greenwood are in Bangalore working to develop GooiNation.

At the same time, the GooiNation Street Team is disruptively networking on its world tour at stops in the Netherlands, Germany, England and France. It will return to the United States for a night of fun and Gooikaraoke May 7 before the entrepreneurial and innovation conference known as Big Omaha (Nebraska).

Mygooi is headquartered in Chennai, India, and Des Moines, Iowa.

Weve already seen first passes of some of the videos, and theyre wonderfully creative, speaking in images that resonate with the people here: motorcycles, mobile communications and being free, says Greenwood. The competition is among five young independent film producers in Chennai and five in Bangalore.

The best entry will be given the first ever Gooi for short videos and all entries to be posted on the new Gooi YouTube channel.

Gooi is about breaking down barriers and thinking outside of the traditional, Greenwood explains. An example of a gooi business is a dental practice that offers massages, pedicures and other spa treatments while youre waiting for your appointment.

Its no longer about teeth, Greenwood says. Its about an experience that you will love; not just like, but love. Its a transformation. That dental practice gets gooi-points for cool.

Which companies are breaking boundaries? Thats what were looking for and encouraging. Thats what were asking GooiNation: What do you think is gooi? What businesses do you love? And were asking small and medium businesses, Why are you gooi?

Anyone can be gooi. Its diverse and limitless and the brand networking of today. Its a destination thats what you want it to be, where you want it to be.

Namboor said that, while in Bangalore, has reached an understanding to work with Propaganda India, the Bangalore-based branding firm that established Google and YouTube in India. The agency urges clients to Think creative before you leap, adding that, As a team, we are intrigued by new possibilities.

Namboor notes, A company that talks about putting thoughts, ideas, concepts, processes and designs into play to provide an immersive brand experience is already gooi.

The GooiNation Street Team is introducing the companys latest development. In particular, Big Omaha will highlight the upcoming world debut of the Mygooi mobile device platform and feature a gathering of entrepreneurs seeking to promote themselves and their businesses. Festivities take place from 5 to 8 p.m. at the historic 1316 Jones Street near Omahas Old Market. The unique business karaoke will feature a live Omaha DJ, a cash bar and complimentary food and drinks, with participants eligible to win prizes including iPads or a promotional video, valued at $ 10,000, for their business, produced by television producer/director/actor Ed Ellington.

Interested persons can find more details on Mygooi and RSVP for the Omaha event through the GooiNation Omaha Facebook at

Mygooi has posted most of its branded content on Imgur and is hosting a global meme challenge on the Imgur platform that offers the winner a $ 5,000 travel voucher to any destination in the world. With target markets in Europe, Japan, China, India and the Americas, Mygooi will debut its latest mobile platform shortly through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Bangalore, with a population approaching nine million, is called the Silicon Valley of India. Ranked one of the top ten preferred entrepreneurial locations in the world by the Economic Times, it has attracted a substantial number of Americans who work with the local information technology community. Chennai, formerly known as Madras, is the sixth largest city in India with almost five million people. The New York Times listed it among its 52 places to go in 2014.

About Mygooi

Mygooi is a cloud based mobile technology company that creates a new social business network called the Gooi, powered by Electronic Word of Mouth. We put advanced mobile application technology at the fingertips of businesses and consumers to set free the power of innovation and enterprise around the world. Mygooi will always be free to download and use. Mygooi. An EWOM Company.

See Mygooi updates and watch GooiNation grow on Facebook at

Visit our new website and download the app upon release at

Mygooi supports the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Check them out at

Media Contacts:

Mark Perlman


312-315-0707 / Markperlman55(at)msn(dot)com

Richard Greb


847-651-1445 / rgreb(at)aol(dot)com

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