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Most popular Interactive Event Entertainment auctions

Interactive Event Entertainment eBay auctions you should keep an eye on:

Latest Interactive Event Entertainment auctions

Interactive Event Entertainment eBay auctions you should keep an eye on:

Latest Interactive Event Entertainment auctions

Most popular Interactive Event Entertainment eBay auctions:

Most popular Interactive Event Entertainment auctions

Some recent Interactive Event Entertainment auctions on eBay:

Most popular Interactive Event Entertainment auctions

Some recent Interactive Event Entertainment auctions on eBay:

Latest Interactive Event Entertainment auctions

Interactive Event Entertainment eBay auctions you should keep an eye on:

Latest Interactive Event Entertainment auctions

Interactive Event Entertainment eBay auctions you should keep an eye on:

Latest Interactive Event Entertainment auctions

Some recent Interactive Event Entertainment auctions on eBay:

Latest Interactive Event Entertainment auctions

Interactive Event Entertainment on eBay:

Picture This: Interactive Photo Booth Company Leases Stratford Space – Stratford Daily Voice

Stratford Daily Voice
Picture This: Interactive Photo Booth Company Leases Stratford Space
Stratford Daily Voice
STRATFORD, Conn. — You know those prop-filled photo booths so popular at parties these days? A Chicago-based manufacturer that makes the next generation of them has leased space in Stratford. Foto Master, a manufacturer of interactive entertainment

air graffiti – Google News

Picture This: Interactive Photo Booth Company Leases Stratford Space – Stratford Daily Voice

Stratford Daily Voice
Picture This: Interactive Photo Booth Company Leases Stratford Space
Stratford Daily Voice
STRATFORD, Conn. — You know those prop-filled photo booths so popular at parties these days? A Chicago-based manufacturer that makes the next generation of them has leased space in Stratford. Foto Master, a manufacturer of interactive entertainment

air graffiti – Google News

Picture This: Interactive Photo Booth Company Leases Stratford Space – Stratford Daily Voice

Stratford Daily Voice
Picture This: Interactive Photo Booth Company Leases Stratford Space
Stratford Daily Voice
STRATFORD, Conn. — You know those prop-filled photo booths so popular at parties these days? A Chicago-based manufacturer that makes the next generation of them has leased space in Stratford. Foto Master, a manufacturer of interactive entertainment

air graffiti – Google News

Interactive Projection Screen Projector Or As Development Opportunities – Projector – Education

With modern Education Technology The development of large-screen projection has become the school’s electronic teaching methods used. However, can not Projection screen Cloth directly on the operation of the desktop Computer , Did not like the traditional teaching writing at the screen on any label, so that Multimedia Classroom How much appear the use of imperfection. Side of the screen before the lectures are lectures, while operating the computer to be kept back on the table, not only the lack of interaction, but also affect the efficiency of teacher in the class. For such cases, interactive Whiteboard Came into being. The trouble for the other light projector industry over the years occasionally will, with the location of the speaker change, the speaker into the eyes caused by direct injury problems in the short focal Projector Emergence have been well addressed. Interactive whiteboard and short-focus Projector The emergence of the industry launched a new wave of education, both with the utility immediately.

2009 short focal Projector Plus Whiteboard The match began to sweep the education market, so there is this statement appears: short focal Projector + Whiteboard A choice of standard educational institutions. In fact, the education market in the previous projection screen in the field has been the largest market. However, full year 2009, projection screen, seemed to live in the short focal Projector + Whiteboard This “perfect match” in the shadow of, and even some people began to think that the projection screen may be gradually Whiteboard Replaced, thus the stage exit from the education market.

As, “there will be milk, the bread will be there” as some would hope. With Technology The continuous development of the end of 2009, called interactive Projector The product started to increase advocacy efforts. In January 2010 in Shenzhen Fu Tian Huaqiang North, held Epson New conference, Epson unveiled to the participants on the interaction-based Projector Teaching address Program This immediately aroused the concern of the majority of the participants. According to Epson the relevant personnel, the solution Program A signal receiver box Pointer , Writing pens, and Epson Projector Composition. Resolved by optical interaction Program Can be any ordinary user or even the white walls and curtains into an interactive whiteboard, through the hands of the pointer, writing pens can interact easily operate. After the meeting, many participants get enough to experience at Huaqiang North Epson interactive museum experience Projector Bring pleasure. This Program The introduction of the great cost savings in user, the user will not need to spend huge cost to purchase additional Whiteboard This is no doubt the education industry is a huge innovation.

If, interactive Projector Well applications, which is no doubt the projection screen is a rare opportunity for development. First, with only the traditional Projector And the projection screen the user is, to switch from interactive teaching mode, only the replacement of Projector On it; for is considering buying a short focal Projector + Interactive Whiteboard Users to improve teaching quality, interactive Projector With a combination of ordinary projection screen will greatly reduce costs, and can get the same interactive, why not kill two birds. Thus, with the interactive Projector Propaganda of the increase, future, interactive Projector Plus a combination of projection screen may be a “perfect match.”

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Useful Tips And Advice About Hosted Interactive Voice Response System

A hosted Interactive Voice Response system is a technology that allows a computer to interact with human beings through the use of voice and dual-tone multi frequency keypad inputs. This system is commonly used to provide proper customer service. Many people call it as “automated attendant”. It allows the customers who contact the companies to interact with the database system of the companies through speech recognition. The customers can then obtain the answers for their inquiries by following the specific dialogue. This particular system has become very popular in today’s business world because it can handle large call volumes efficiently.

How should you optimize the utilization of this system? Let me share with you some useful information.

In order to enhance the customer care of the organizations, you are reminded to look for the hosted system with high quality. This particular system MUST BE able to provide you website integration and voice clarity. In other words, the system you choose must be integrated into your website so that it can access and retrieve your customer records as well as the detailed information of your website easily and fast. Almost all customers expect quick response from the companies.
To be frank, getting a big group of employees to handle customer care is costly, especially during economy downturn. Sometimes, the questions asked by the customers can be obtained easily through the official websites and brochures of the companies. The key concern here is customers prefer to talk to somebody to obtain the answers rather than finding out the information from the internet. They just want to get the answers fast by making phone calls. In this case, it is not wise for you to get customer service officers to get ready 24 hours in front of the phones. You are advised to get the system to assist you. Let the customers interact with this system. What you need to do is to resemble your IVR so that it does not sound like a robot. It is not complicated. Nowadays, the IVR software is able to “customize” the organizations’ needs. The customers will never know that they are talking to a system because the voice is natural.
Being a business owner, you are reminded not to treat this system as your liability. Although the investment cost is quite high, it is still more economical if you compare with recruiting customer service officers to work on shifts. How much do you need to spend to get people to work 24 hours a day, 7 days per week? Isn’t it more reasonable to get this great system to assist you? You don’t need to worry about all sorts of technical difficulties which may occur. By applying this system, your organization will be supported by experienced programmers and developers all the time.

Last but not the least; in my personal point of view, you should put in more effort in selecting a reliable service provider to assist you. Read all the details about the automated call system offered by different providers before you make your decision.

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Marketing and Advertising Agency Monster: Hill Aevium Eats Interactive Marketing Whole

More often than not, two mundanely preferred companies need to merge in order to design a mind-blowing company that can battle with other top businesses in their respective fields. Hill Aevium is an amalgamation of two different companies that specialized in two separate fields: Hill n Company is a company that boasts their long exceptional record in Marketing strategy, while Aevium have made a niche for themselves as web developers that can fabricate complex and highly interactive websites. Together, they create the up and coming marketing and advertising agency, Hill Aevium.

Hill Aevium boasts of creating brand evolution, wherein they aid clients to take the next step of communication. They can create corporate identity from scratch as well as spontaneous online campaigns that are not only witty, but are able to equip their clientele for the future. Hill Aevium blends tried and tested marketing and advertising thoughts with modern applications of website development as well as interactive design. The company can create solid platforms from strategic thinking, whether you desire to change, redo, or turn a brand around.

As a company that promotes brand evolution, digital marketing plays a vital role in the list of services Hill Aevium provides. This is where the groundbreaking background in interactive design and development comes in as well, since they are able to create competitive outputs in terms of a clients return of investment. Of course, as a marketing and advertising agency, creative services are something that they specialize in. Hill Aevium have great outputs in terms of copywriting, art direction, illustration, print design as well as digital design, music, and broadcast scripting.

A marketing and advertising agency is known to result in creative outputs in terms of advertising as well as top grade marketing campaigns. Hill Aevium does all of these, and more, incorporating the two companys background to create a whole new dimension of marketing and advertising strategies. Go to to learn more about Hill Aevium, their work, and the individuals that are responsible for the amazing creative output.

Your finest choice in advertising Marketing and Advertising Agency

Tap the potential of your greatest profit opportunity within your trading areas with Up Interactive

Life in the 21st century is full of technological advancement and in this technological age it is very difficult for a business to survive without being present online, businesses without a website in today’s date tend to lose large number of its potential customers, each and every individual from a kid to an elderly person prefer the internet to look out for their desired products so the number of search engines is increasing day by day and if your business is not on these engines you tend to lose your customers to your competitors.

Internet marketing has now become the means of generating more business than any other medium of advertising as internet today is being used 24 / 7 and is accessible from every house. People are highly dependent on the internet for small and inconspicuous things like a pin or a paper, today everything you need is achieved at the click of a button. Online shopping trends have totally changed the traditional way of shopping.

Businesses are very careful when it comes to spending marketing dollars, but truth is that most businesses have neglected the most effective marketing tool that they have which is the strategic planning of their internet presence.

An online presence is critical for reaching the target audience in today’s Internet focused age.

The use of the web to find local products and services has created a demand for local Internet marketers that far outstrips the supply like Up Interactive. Offline businesses are currently scrambling to find qualified Internet marketers who can help them shift from outmoded forms of advertising in order to tap into where people are actually looking for local businesses.

Startup businesses sometimes rush to advertise in the wrong places as they see glamour in certain vehicles, such as general interest magazines or cable TV but truth to find is  that their costly ads don’t really bring customers in the door.

Local marketing is face-time marketing that looks for effective Up Interactive ways to convey your marketing message to potential customers one-on-one and can reach first to your employees then from your employees to your guests and finally from your guests to their families, friends, neighbors and co-workers. This brand of face-time marketing is intimate and personal, as opposed to slick and impersonal mass media advertising, even big chains are latching onto this concept by encouraging individual stores to think small and locally in their individual marketing plans.

Interactive Dolls Are Always Great Gifts and It’s No Different for Christmas 2010

It’s Black Friday week at the writing of this article so the high shopping season has begun. The big question every year for every parent is just what toy will be the must have toy of the year because somehow the kids always know.

One big toy item each year that is purchased for girls are dolls, lots of different kinds of dolls. With each passing year as technology increases those dolls become more lifelike able to do amazing things. They seem more and more like real infants, toddlers or even pre-schoolers. Each year, these lifelike interactive dolls are sure to found among the top toys to appear under the tree.

The different toy manufacturers such as Hasbro, Mattel and Fisher-Price, compete to provide that one interactive doll that will be the Cabbage Patch doll this Christmas. Remember the long lines of parents frantically searching and hoping to purchase those Cabbage Patch dolls? Or the Tickle Me Elmo craze when it was so hard to find one and they were selling for a small fortune on eBay thanks to Rosie O’Donnell?

One good way to check out what dolls are popular is by checking various lists such as Amazon’s Best Sellers lists. Appearing on the Amazon top 100 interactive dolls list you will find such toys as Elizabeth, the Fully Interactive Baby doll and the 8 inch tall Little Bo Peep musical doll that comes with her own sheep. Right now there is even the 25 year celebration Cabbage Patch Kids Babies Carvel Ice Cream Cone doll from Cabbage Patch Kids. If you are a collector, there’s one to add to your collection this year.

The big winners in Amazon’s top 100 list though are Hasbro’s Baby Alive dolls. As a matter of fact, right now the various interactive dolls and their accessories hold 14 of the top 20 places on the interactive dolls best sellers list. This will mean getting one for your little girl will be sure to place you at the top of her list. You won’t go wrong choosing from one of the Baby Alive doll line for your little girl this Christmas or any Christmas.

The dolls in the line have all levels of interactivity. You can get simple ones that rely on the child’s imagination for all of the interaction. Or you can find dolls that bounce and babble. Even some of them eat, drink, wet their diapers, and talk. There’s even one that a little mommy can potty train.

But Baby Alive dolls are only a few of the interactive dolls available. Watching this year’s commercials aimed at kids show several more that will make acceptable gifts. Learn what your child wants her doll to be able to do and you will find an interactive doll that will do just that.

Learn more about some available interactive dolls at Find great interactive ones in the Baby Alive doll line at as well.

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V.Reader Interactive E-Reading System

If just for only one time you thought where on the planet electronic book was for all your children to find out, then you’ll surely like Vreader. VReader will be the prototype version of igniting opportunity to learn for your younger age bracket. Finally, the toy manufacturers came up to way to draw the youths of the generation closer around the idea of fun learning. Once you believed that giving the kids books offers some type of conventional, then delay until you receive them hooked with VReader. For many visitors to know, this really is specially created for children who fit in with age selection of three to seven. These nifty e-books contais an array of cartridges you could acquire. Every cartridge features a story inside regarding your kid’s most superheroes in lots of fairytale stories. The storyline can rekindle living from the few most well-known figures inside the modern world’s story for example Shrek and Tinker Bell. The cartridge can be purchased in games to gauge reading skills plus a dictionary for unfamiliar words utilized in the tale. Below are a few with the Vreader versions for ages young and old group.
VReader forever 3 or more
The kids in the ages of three will start to establish the essential blocks for general knowledge, particularly, reading. With all the using technology and learning devices like the VReader, it’s going to aide in encouraging the natural development that the kid won’t even realize that they may be actually starting to read and enjoy yourself with installed games and stories. Why this gadget has earned excellent remarks is the fact that this product is sold with pictures, entertaining sounds, and immediate interaction to perform every task.
VReader for Teenagers
Vreader isn’t just suited to all beginners to understand the way to read, it includes more options than exactly what it actually seems. It could set up a long-lasting love and interest to read by within your kids and kids. Once the time comes that the child begins to read, they could make use of the basic skills to prosper and develop as a possible individual. The incorporated vocabulary training is easy and incredibly enjoying when it’s accomplished with exciting interaction with all the famous modern cartoon figures. You’ll take notice of the progression of your child’s skills in word identification and phonics.
There are a lot of accessories for VReader which can be provided available in the market. One of the most exciting and also the the one that many had the idea about may be the various cartridges which are flooding inside your sight. You are able to try to find various stories for many generation with their favorite cartoon figures. And also this will come in a really portable method in which it features a storage system for the kids who wish to carry it using them exactly where they would like to. Grab one now and spot the huge difference inside your child’s intellectual growth.

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Response System – Why it will help to create Interactive Environment in classroom

Interactive environment is essential to transform learning as well as teaching into a pleasant experience. Interactive classroom technology like that of response system allows the users to take any lecture, lesson, briefing, presentation and training to new heights.


Response system creates interactivity between a teacher/presenter and his/her audience. An audience response system in a classroom combines wireless hardware with presentation software. Such response systems are also called student response systems, but that does not mean these systems are used only in educational institutions. These systems are also widely used for surveys, voting on TV shows and all that. An interactive response system for remote audience (who are watching through television or Internet) may make use of telephones or web polls to convey the response.


In classroom, a computer or a video projector is used to project a presentation. The audience response system displays questions with several possible answers. The students make use of response system keypad to select the answer they believe to be correct. The results are collected by the response software, which then displays the aggregated data graphically.


The audience response system also allows faster tabulation of answers for large number of participants than traditional manual methods. Teachers can make use of a response system to grade answers or to take attendance in large classrooms. It addition, it can help a teacher to confirm that his/her students understand key points.


A teacher can ask and discuss with a student why he/she chose a particular answer as the response system allows teachers to keep track of all students’ performance.


Using a modern response system is much more anonymous as compared to the use of traditional methods, such as raising hands. A respondent can not see what response his/her fellow student is giving.


With audience response system keypads, respondents can give immediate feedback during the presentation so that the presenter may have a timely understanding of the students’ performance. The technology is extremely useful in executing quizzes, polls etc. Interactive response system can display polling results immediately, without wasting any time. Once a question ends, the software displays a bar chart showing what percentage of students select the various possible answers.


Moreover, collected data can be stored in a database that can remain available on the host computer for analysis in the future.


Author has written lots of article on Response System, ICT Products, Audience Response System etc. which helps the student and teacher make their education Interactive.

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Most popular Interactive Event Entertainment eBay auctions: Releases First Interactive Fairy Tale Book

(1888PressRelease) Kids Learn Reading Skills in Conjunction with Free Website., the popular, award-winning children’s storytelling website, announced the publication today of its first interactive storybook, which uses Internet technology in a new way to help kids learn to read. Mrs. P’s Four Favorite Fairy Tales and Funny Stories collects in book form stories and introductions available on video at the free website and at the iTunes Store. Children will be able to follow along in the book as Mrs. P, played by The Drew Carey Show star Kathy Kinney, reads the stories with them.

“I’m very proud of Mrs. P’s new book because of its unique ability to help young readers improve their skills,” said Kinney. “Children and parents can open the book and read along with me at my website. We even have a Magic Dictionary at, so if kids comes across a word they don’t know, they can just pause the video and easily find out what it means.”

Studies have shown one of the most productive ways for children to improve their reading skills, particularly for learning ‘sight words,’ is to see the words as they are read to. “Everyone’s worried about the Internet making books and reading obsolete. We’ve found a wonderful way to make them work together,” Kinney said.

The new book includes “Jack and the Beanstalk” and “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” features 90 original color illustrations and offers new, comic introductions to the stories from Mrs. P.

“Mrs. P’s Four Favorite Fairy Tales and Funny Stories” will be available to the public at Amazon and other booksellers across the country via online ordering. Additional information, including a downloadable flyer, can be found at

“Mrs. P’s Four Favorite Fairy Tales and Funny Stories”
ISBN: 978-0-615-39355-1 Binding: Paperback Trim: Color 8.5 x 8.5 in Pages: 126 Genre: Juvenile Fiction: Fairy Tales & Folklore – Anthologies Target Audience: Children ages 4 to 10
CoverPrice: $ 19.95


Latest Interactive Event Entertainment auctions

Most popular Interactive Event Entertainment eBay auctions:

Interactive Whiteboard Lesson Secondary School Third Prize Award Winners – Whiteboard – Education

Hanjiang, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province Tai School LIU Sheng Physical 9 Physics exam review?? Mapping Topics Changzhou, Jiangsu Province North Central Middle School Hu Jue Mathematics 8 Explore the relationship between the number of right-angled triangle triangular Jilin, Jilin Yu Wen Secondary School Jin Ping Mathematics 10 Linear relationship with the circle of position Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, Masuda Middle School Zhongxue Gang Mathematics 11 Simple linear programming problem Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province Mudu Experimental Primary School Zhu Yaming Chemistry 9 “Extraordinary” test-tube Second Senior High School, Shenzhen, Guangdong Yan Han Languages 11 Taste lyrics, digging under the poetic melody Shenzhen Nanshan Experimental School in the Faculty of Li in the forest Jin-Hop Art 7 Composition to the painter study Sanming Sa Sixth Middle School Dr. Rowe Mathematics 9 The location of lines and circles relationship Silver City, Gansu Province VIII School Hong Kong Wen Mathematics 10 The basic trigonometric functions with the angular relationship Nanan City, Fujian Province, Quanzhou Normal University affiliated high school Peng Feng Huang Shengjun Physical 10 Power Renaissance Shanghai Hongkou District, Senior High School Gu Hong-Chuan Mathematics 11 The standard equation of hyperbola Guangdong Experimental School in Shenzhen Feng Xu million Mathematics 8 The use of formula Secondary School, Zhengzhou, Henan 44 Gu Yuyan Languages 8 Shicunwencha 44 secondary schools in Zhengzhou in Henan Province Guyu Yan Languages 8 Cloud Dance Greentown Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, the 14th secondary school Song Xin Mathematics 10 Number and Shape?? Round in solving problems Second Senior High School, Shenzhen, Guangdong Yan Rui Xi Mathematics 10 Line with the same angle trigonometric function trigonometric relations Linzi District, Zibo City, Shandong Province Experimental Middle School Zhang Jiefang Biological 4 Blood flow in the pipeline?? Vascular Middle School, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province Ye Xiaoying Mathematics 9 Probability with frequency estimation High School of Benxi City, Liaoning Province Li Beilei Physical 11 Alternating Current Kunshan International School Middle School Zhang Fu-yuan Physical 8 Speed First Middle School of Jiangsu Province, Zhangjiagang City Zhang Lina Languages 2 Bird project Zhoucun District, Zibo City, Shandong province north of the city schools Hu Qingyun Physical 9 Force and effect of Liuzhou 45th Secondary School Liao Lining Mathematics 8 Pythagorean theorem 17th high school Nanjing, Jiangsu Province Wang then the new Mathematics 8 Inverse function Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, Shenzhen (Nanshan) plus schools in the Fan Yuk Mathematics 10 Round and round the position relationship Fengdu county level are in school Fan Shaohu Physical 8 The balance of power Experimental Middle School north of the city Shangyu, Zhejiang Dian Shi Jun Science 9 Determination of the power light bulb Yunnan Yuxi Sixth Middle School Bai Shaoqiong Mathematics 8 “Factorization” of the Review and Reflection Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, Lotus School Li Science 7 Understanding Globe And map Changning District, Old North School Cai Li Physical 8 Heat Fourth Middle School in Jiangxi Xinyu City Yumei Fu English 8 How do you make a banana milk shake Beijing, the 27th secondary school Liu Xiuping Geography 12 Weather systems and natural disasters Beijing, the 27th secondary school Zhai Ying Mathematics 7 The nature of the equation Jilin Province, Jilin Yu Wen Secondary School Li Xin Mathematics 11 Angle coordinate space method Beijing, 12 in the middle of a In the NIE Foreign language 8 Contries and cities Hanjiang, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province Tai School Pan Xia Art 6 Brainstorms Benxi City, Liaoning Province, the 10th secondary school Meng Lina Physical 10 Overweight and weight loss Silver City, Gansu Province VIII School Wang Ping Mathematics 11 Induction formula Gulf Middle School, Shenzhen, Guangdong Hong Xing account Science 8 Current, voltage, and the relationship between resistance Liaoning Province, Fuxin City, the 16th secondary school The bulk density Sports 9 The dawn of the capitalist era Yang Zhen, Shunyi District, Beijing First Middle School Du Mingyan Mathematics 10 The trigonometric functions of any angle Linzi District, Zibo, Shandong Chu Taiwan Middle School, Side of the British Green English 7 Can you come to my party Zhoucun District, Zibo City, Shandong province north of the city schools Lily Liu English 8 Have you been to an amusement park Zhoucun District, Zibo City, Shandong province north of the city schools Xu understanding Mathematics 8 Application of the image function Huantai County, Zibo City, Shandong Province and Secondary Schools Fuying Fang English 7 Do you want to go to a movie Zhangdian District, Zibo City, Shandong Province Experimental Middle School Gao Xiaoli Foreign language 7 Do you have a soccer ball Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, the 14th secondary school Linyi Mathematics 7 The application of congruent triangles Shenzhen, Guangdong Province High School Chen Qian Languages 11 Listen to that cold rain Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, Shenzhen (Nanshan) plus schools in the Chen Chaoling Languages 11 Climbing Middle School in Dujiangyan in Sichuan Province Zheng Yingshu Chemistry 12 Preparation of common gases Middle School in Dujiangyan in Sichuan Province Lowe Foreign language 10 Franklin’s famous kite experiment Guangming District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province High School Wang Shu Hui General Technology 10 Chinese modern art Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, the fifth high school Li Jiao Languages 10 Corn poppy Kunming, Yunnan Province VIII of the secondary Liu Silver Chemistry 11 Chemical and energy changes Arable School LIU Qiu-ju Chemistry 10 Chemical energy and heat Second Senior High School, Shenzhen, Guangdong Zhou Ying Languages 11 Ancient capital of autumn Second Senior High School, Shenzhen, Guangdong Wang Yan Chemistry 11 The phenomenon of organic compounds isomeric Shenzhen Nanshan Experimental School in the Faculty of Li in the forest Huo sharp Languages 8 The organization of the article material Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, Lotus School Wen-Chung Lee Mathematics 7 Parallel Shijingshan District, Beijing Experimental High School Cheng Yuan Biological 7 The formation of urine Dan Pei Shan, Gansu Province School Middle School Zhao Zhenyun Mathematics 7 Straight line parallel to explore the conditions Silver City Secondary School in Gansu Province VIII Li Wen-Man Foreign language 10 The birth of a festival Miao Yu Zhouqu Yulin City Park School Tang Fukun Mathematics 9 Method of Undetermined Coefficients analytic quadratic function Kunshan International School Junior Department Tao Jingjuan Languages 9 Advertisement Prism Zhangdian District, Zibo City, Shandong Province, School Hutian SUN Mathematics 8 The nature of parallel lines Shangyu City, Zhejiang Province, north of Experimental Middle School Min Ding Mathematics 8 Polygon Shenzhen Wenjin Middle School Jiang Kai Science 8 Circuit connection Guangming District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province High School Tu Chen Music 10 Approached Mozart Guangming District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province High School

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Reviewing The Plus Upic W72m Wireless Interactive Panel Board

The PLUS UPIC is a handy interactive display which allows the user to operate a computer directly from a projected image by using a unique digital pen. Among the revolutionary advantages of the PLUS UPIC, the foremost is its easy-and-quick setup. Simply unroll the compact PLUS UPIC panel, the entire back sheet of which is magnetic, and attach it to a steel wall, whiteboard, chalkboard, etc. Then pair the Bluetooth digital pen with a computer. Thats it! No troublesome cord is required. Today digital projectors are commonly used in both education and business. The winning combination of being both wireless and extremely portable, allows the PLUS UPIC to turn a dull class room or business meeting into a vibrant and dynamic experience in a very quick-and-easy way. The user-friendliness of the PLUS UPIC will be appreciated by both teachers and business people alike, dramatically changing where and how presentations occur when compared to a conventional board-type Interactive Whiteboard which is usually fixed in place. 3 in 1, the PLUS UPIC for daily use: In addition to its interactive functionality, the PLUS UPIC can be used as a regular whiteboard. The user can write and erase contents using the provided markers and an eraser. Furthermore, the sheet surface of the PLUS UPIC is made of a special material that minimizes the reflection and glare of a projector. This makes it an ideal projection screen. The many functions of the PLUS UPIC, Interactive, Whiteboard and Projection Screen, offer great advantages as well as flexibility for every-day use.

Quick Overview

* Plus Wireless Interactive Panel UPIC W72M – Wide
* 3 Uses: Interactive, Whiteboard, Projector Screen
* Portable, Mobile & Wireless – no cords
* Uses Anoto Digital Pen Technology
* Quick and easy setup
* Magnetic Back Surface for Easy Mounting
* Easily Attaches to Chalkboards or Whiteboards
* Easy to Use with PowerPoint Presentations
* Includes Digital Pen, Board Markers, Eraser, Carrying Case & Software

Additional Information

Manufactured In: China
Manuf Part # UPIC-W72M
Model UPIC W72M
Shipping Weight 6
Expected Ship Date Next Business Day
Weight 6.0000
Warranty One Year for Parts, 90 Days for Labor
Dimensions 63″W x 41.3″H
Available Stand No
Included Printer No
Interface USB
Panel Surfaces 1
Writing Space 63″W x 41.3″H
Supported OS Windows

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