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Our link is just the creative community: 3rd EyE Open Hip Hop Festival takes over Downtown New Bedford –

Our link is just the creative community: 3rd EyE Open Hip Hop Festival takes over Downtown New Bedford

NEW BEDFORD — If you were walking through Downtown New Bedford on Saturday, you might have been confused by what you saw. 3rd EyE Open Hip Hop …

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N.Y. Guard Airmen and Soldiers assist police with security – Air Force Link

N.Y. Guard Airmen and Soldiers assist police with security  Air Force Link

New York National Guard Soldiers and Airmen went up in the air and down in the ground as part of their mission to help law enforcement agencies deter …

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The Link Between Entertainment And Fashion Industry

For hundreds or thousands years there has been always an interlink between the entertainment industry and the fashion world. From the simple start of getting dressed up for the theater, things have developed into intertwined fortunes in which they both are the driving force of each other. Those that once simply be the outlets for creativity now become the driving force behind the “creativity” of entertainment.


Obviously, one of the big stepping-stones in the evolution of this semi-symbiotic relationship was the advent of the star. Stepping out on the red carpet at award ceremonies, theater opening nights and film premiers in the latest couture dresses and tailor made designer suits meant that stars from all areas of the entertainment industry have become conduits for the delivery of the latest fashions to the mass media.


It would be a significant oversight to assume that this implies that stars and their latter day less than saints, celebrities, are merely manikins and models for the highest bidding design house, although this is partly the case. The reality is that the relationship is much more complex than this, depending on the star’s or celebrity’s relative worth. A-list stars and free-spirited celebrities might be in a position to choose their own fashion, directly influencing what is popular in high street stores and fashion catwalks.


Now, more so than ever before, stars and celebrities from the entertainment world are even going so far as to design their own clothing ranges, having an even more direct influence on fashion. Singers and actresses alike have their own clothing ranges, but less obvious areas like rap and rock music have also succumbed to the temptation of fashion design. Both 50 Cent and Liam Gallagher have clothing collections for sale at the moments and while they may not necessarily be all that good, they are obviously having some influence on the clothing choices of consumers.


However, fashion and entertainment have gone even further than talent interconnection, they have moved increasingly towards content interaction. America’s Next Top Model, for example, is pretty much a direct collaboration between the television and fashion worlds to deliver entertainment-based content. The program makes would be fashion models stars and celebrities and the process of modeling into entertainment.


Another type of example of content interaction can be seen in Sex and the City, in which the characters’ love, devotion and work for the fashion industry is one of the main focal points for the series and film plots. The stars of the show and now movies have become synonymous with the fashion world, promoting their own particular fashion tastes as well as acting as endorsements for interest in the fashion world in general. Plenty of other shows and films have followed suit with this interconnection, including Ugly Betty and The Devil Wears Prada, which was originally a book.


Even the lives of famous figures from the fashion industry are being used as inspiration for creative content like films, books and television shows. The life of Coco Chanel, for example, has now been transformed into a number of major motion pictures, including two starring Amélie’s Audrey Tautou.


While the entertainment world and the fashion industry remain two separate entities in themselves, with many spreading disciplines, they have definitely become more and more aligned, interconnected and interdependent. How this relationship will evolve over time is hard to tell with such a huge interrelation already in place, but one thing is for sure, they are forever bound to each other through ties of fortune, mutual respect and shared interest.


Tuppence Magazine is an online publication for entertainment news and reviews, including film news, video games updates and music news, for example, our Lego Harry Potter years 1-4 computer game review.

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Retired Airman remembers passage of Civil Rights Act – Air Force Link

Flying force Link
Retired Airman bears in mind passage of Civil liberty Act
Air Force Link
Retired Senior Master Sgt. Raymond Davis positions for a portrait Feb. 25, 2015 on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska. Davis served in the united state Air Force for 30 years with 2 trips of responsibility in the Republic of Vietnam during the Civil Rights movement.

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Airman’s talents ‘brighten’ wherever he goes – Air Force Link

Airman's talents 'brighten' wherever he goes
Air Force Link
U.S Air Force Senior Airman Sean Connolly, air transportation specialist, 69th Aerial Port Squadron, poses in front of the mural he painted in the stairwell at the entrance of 69 APS here at Joint Base Andrews, Md. The mural highlights the different

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Police investigate graffiti link to EDL after blaze destroys Islamic centre – The Guardian

The Guardian
Police investigate graffiti link to EDL after blaze destroys Islamic centre
The Guardian
Counter-terrorism police are investigating a fire that destroyed an Islamic community centre in north London after confirming that graffiti linked to a far-right group had been daubed on the outside of the building. Amid fears of reprisals following
Counter-terror police investigate 'EDL' graffiti found on mosque destroyed by The Independent
Muswell Hill mosque arson: Counter-terror police probe firebombing after EDL
EDL graffiti on destroyed Islamic centreBBC News
Metro (blog)
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