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‘Pottery Saved My Life': A Kensington graffiti artist finds fine art success –
'Pottery Saved My Life': A Kensington graffiti artist finds fine art success
This patch of an open-air studio was a block away from one of the Kensington houses Lugo had grown up in, and it overlooked the train tracks where Lugo used to spray graffiti. His tag: Robske. “I just didn't see my life going anywhere,” he said of the

air graffiti – Google News

‘Pottery Saved My Life': A Kensington graffiti artist finds fine art success –
'Pottery Saved My Life': A Kensington graffiti artist finds fine art success
This patch of an open-air studio was a block away from one of the Kensington houses Lugo had grown up in, and it overlooked the train tracks where Lugo used to spray graffiti. His tag: Robske. “I just didn't see my life going anywhere,” Lugo said of

air graffiti – Google News

Designing Trade Show Booths – Top 10 Tips For Success

Your trade show exhibit is a direct reflection of your company’s image. It’s an opportunity to make a first and hopefully lasting first impression in a matter of a few seconds. This small window of time is critical to attracting prospects to your booth.

To be effective you need to create a “WOW” exhibit that attracts people and instantly communicates your message.

Trade show experts, with over 25 years of booth design experience created the following 10 tips to follow the next time you need to create a new trade show booth, banner stand or graphic.

1. Keep it simple – think billboard not bulletin board

2. Design your booth to be memorable, evoke an emotional reaction and appeal to your target audience

3. Limit the main colours to three or less

4. Employ bold colours; high impact hues will stand out from a distance while neutral colours will just blend into the background

5. Simple, benefits-oriented copy works best to get attention – use bullet form rather than lengthy text rich copy

6. Know your audience – use words to target your buyer’s hot points be it products they are looking for or benefits you can deliver to them

7. Go for the clutter-free look and feature only one or two products

8. Use fewer and larger graphics – intriguing photos or illustrations that speak to your target audience

9. Use lighting – it can increase awareness of your exhibit by 30-50%

10. Make sure your graphics can be seen from a distance and up close

If you want your trade show exhibit to have impact start with these simple guidelines and build from there. Think from the perspective of prospective customers; they are being inundated by information, graphics and lights. They are fighting crowds, have sore feet and a limited time to see a vast array of booths. Don’t stand out from the crowd by being the booth no one wants to visit.

Do plan your booth in advance and keep in mind that your booth should reflect your company’s look and feel. Your booth needs to be easily identifiable and consistent with your company’s branding. Pick up colours in your logo, utilize existing fonts & design elements. And pick the right trade show exhibit for your needs – it doesn’t have to be a 20′ booth – it could be a smaller more portable display such as a banner stand wall. Take a look around at your next trade show and see what’s out there. See what works and doesn’t work and use the best elements for your own display.

The above tips won’t guarantee that your booth is filled to capacity but they will ensure that your booth’s design is not turning prospects away.

Lumichrom is an Exhibit, Display and Graphics Company with over 25 years experience with designing & printing trade show booth and banner stand graphics.

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Success Formula For A Website: Interactive Website Design

Interactive website designing is the result of extensive and elaborate interaction between not only the website developer and the business owner but also between the website and the final prospective buyer. This is very crucial for the success of the website because now websites have become business representatives. The business owners want the websites to procure business and function like a shop on the internet. Any business identity should understand that it is not so easy to empower a website into functioning to this extent. This is only possible if the website is designed and developed keeping into consideration the final buyer and the search engines.

Considering the final buyer:
It is only when the visitor is convinced about the excellence and the value of the product or service offered, that the visitor is going to buy the offerings. Now a website is not a human being that it can interact with the visitor. Overcoming this limitation is one way easy and difficult the other way. A website needs to be designed in such a way that the visitor feels that the content of the website is designed especially for him/her. This is only possible through a custom interactive website design. Basic human nature relies more on what he/she sees rather than what is written in text. If the website is about children toys, it needs to be not only colorful but also with animation and videos. If the website offers products or services for the elderly population the font size of the text needs to be large enough for them to read it.

Considering the search engines:
If the website is prepared after thorough research about the visitors nature, the question how to make the prospective buyer click on the website? pops up. This is like buying a shop and then bringing the road to the door of the shop. Instead, if the website is prepared considering the search engine, it is like buying a shop on the road with good traffic. An interactive web design focuses on the use of incoming links, outgoing links, key words, key word phrases, the speed of downloading, easy navigation, and at times even the upgrading of the website. The website needs to be search engine friendly to find a place on the top list of the search engines. It is known that the URL at the top of the search engine list receives the largest number of clicks. It is only when the traffic to the website increases, that the number of visitors to the website will increase. From the time the visitor comes across the home page it is the responsibility of the website design and layout to convert the visitor into a buyer.

The development of an interactive web design never ends because the times changes and so does the consumer behavior. The competition also grows. When a professional website designer cum developer makes the consumer attitude and preferences the basis of an interactive website design, the website is sure to generate revenue and be a successful venture.

Copyright 2010

SPINX is a Web Development and Web Design Atlanta company providing different services for Web Design GA, in Local area and Worldwide.

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Tips On Lapband Dallas Surgery Success

For successful healing and weight loss after your lapband Dallas surgery, medical specialists recommend that you stick to your recommended dietary regimen and take nutrition counseling. Once you get a thumbs-up from your doctor, exercise may also be necessary to help you take off the pounds and maintain your desired weight. Here are other tips to help ensure that you reach your long-term weight loss goals following obesity surgery:

Call up your surgeon if you experience any untoward symptoms, and keep the likelihood of these symptoms at bay with follow-up visits to your doctor. These visits will also allow your physician to monitor the progress of your weight loss and the healing of any incisions that occurred during the surgical operation. If you skip doctor visits, there is a chance that a surgical problem, nutritional deficit, or other concern will not be diagnosed in time to resolve it.

Consult with your surgeon as to taking medications, and do not stop taking these without his or her approval. Although a lot of diseases and disorders improve with the weight loss that comes after obesity surgery, you should not stop taking any medication prescribed to you before the procedure.

Skip empty calories, such as those found in alcoholic drinks. You will have to count calories to ensure weight loss after surgery, so avoid empty calories which provide you with very little nutrients. Alcohol may also aggravate stomach ulcers that you may already be at risk for due to the nature of your surgery.

Chew your food thoroughly. Chewing food longer is important, as this prevents feelings of nausea and the urge to vomit while eating and after a meal. Also, the limited stomach capacity that you may have after weight loss surgery will make large chunks of improperly-chewed food dangerous, if not painful, as it passes through your digestive tract.

Listen to what your stomach says. Even if it may be time for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, try not to eat if you are not hungry. You now have a smaller stomach, which permits you to eat less, and only if your body says so.

The success of any weight loss surgery not only depends on the expertise of the surgeon who operates, but also the commitment the patient has to following guidelines after his or her operation. Follow doctor recommendations as to exercise, diet, and counseling to increase the chances of successful weight loss after lapband Dallas surgery.

Are you an overweight individual looking for information on lapband Dallas procedures? Katherine Smith is a medical writer who specializes in writing about surgical procedures such as lapband Dallas to help you identify the best medical procedure from qualified medical professionals.

Bismajeur Scripting Success of an Event

Gone are those days when managing an event was nothing but a simple task. Nowadays, event management is a tough and tedious affair. It involves several important aspects, each of which is worth taking good care of. Bismajeur encompasses researching about a brand, identifying the target consumers, conjuring up out-of-the-box thoughts, planning logistics and synchronizing the technical aspects before finally organizing an event. The evenementenbureau also documents the post-event analysis and ensures that the brands get overwhelming return on their investments.

Why is the service of a bismajeur company so much important?

The demand for the professional event managers is on consistent rise. Religious and cultural festivals invite the tourists from all over the world. The travelers want to get acquainted with the exotic festivities and food habits of the natives. So, due to the huddled footsteps of the travel buffs during the festive season, the travel industry earns millions of foreign currency every year. With such growing importance of festivals, managing an event can no longer be ad hoc. It is imperative to add a professional touch to the bismajeur. It is because; a consummately organized event impresses the foreigners and creates a greater impact on both the community and country.

Event is an encompassing idea. Apart from the festivals, it also includes corporate parties and conferences; meeting with the foreign delegates; Grant openings of national or international events; press meeting; award ceremonies; film premiers; fashion shows; personal events (wedding or birthdays ceremonies) etc. Even the charitable organizations hold events in order to promote their activities and build up relationships with the business houses in order to get monetary support. For the business edifices, an event may be the best podium to launch a new product and build up new business connections. For a country, hosting an event is also a projection of the progress and prosperity of the nation. So, the purpose varies but an excellent bismajeur service is a must in every case.

How does an evenementenbureau accomplish its task?

Well, an agency has to handle so many tasks that it is very hard to put them into too few words. A professional event management company first assesses the purpose of organizing the event. On the basis of the assessment, it sketches out the initial plans in keeping with the client’s budget. The planner develops innovative ideas and implements it to a T. Logistical and technical elements, being the subsets of bismajeur, are also taken good care of. An event manager is the most responsible person in the team and at the helm of planning and executing the event. The behind-the-curtain activities of the event managers are the most crucial to ensure success of the events. Apart from chalking the plans and their executions, the event managers also play the key roles in devising the strategies for effective communication and successful campaigning. Bismajeur is a multi-dimensional and challenging profession. In order to enjoy success in this arena, the intended candidates must have superlative skill at event design, scriptwriting, logistics, negotiation, budgeting, and client service.

Mical Smith is an event manager who through his experience gathered lots of knowledge on evenementenbureau& bismajeur. For more information visit

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The success of the photo booth.

Image booth leasings have increased in popularity over the last few years and this is mainly due to the software application developments, the technology developments and the fact that the image booth software application can be adjusted to change and brand various businesses requirements and requirements.

The picture booth has constantly been a success, it has actually been around for numerous years and the first principle and concept was developed in the early 19th century where individuals might have their photographs taken for a little fee and this went on to develop in other areas. Stars used the picture booth to take photos of themselves in various outfits and much later this was offered to the public. The first Image booths were not readily available in the mobile kind and could not be moved from location to put like they can now. They are now little compact machines that do not take up much space however can still attain so much.

The capability of the image booth to take limitless pictures that can be printed immediately is another of its advantages, it permits the photos to be readily available to your visitors right away in order for them to take house and this is mainly why the image booth has become so popular at many various social occasions such as parties, senior prom events and wedding event receptions.

The ability of the software to be adjusted is likewise a great benefit to small companies and venues in order for them to market their items and services. The software application is adapted to suit each companies personal requirements and software can be adjusted to include company’s information, new product launches and brand-new services. When individuals utilize the image booth and print photographs, they will naturally share these images on social networking sites which are included promo and advertising for these places and companies.

Although picture booth leasing is exceptionally popular for individual get-togethers such as wedding event receptions and celebrations, small companies and places are now installing image booths in their establishments as a long-term fixture. When people see the location, they will naturally make use of the picture booth which offers locations continued advertising and marketing capabilities.

A little idea and principle has been taken, developed and improved upon to create an exceptional principle which is the picture booth and they are continuing to show very reliable and popular.

If you have an interest in working with a picture booth or acquiring one for a small company venture, there is an abundance of information on the internet.

Photo booth supply an expert image booth rental service, we likewise provide advice and info on photo booths as a company.

Cleaning Business Rates Guide – Approximating and Quoting For Success

When it pertains to pricing a residential or industrial cleaning job it is essential to strike the mark properly with a fair cost. In this short article we will take a look at an approach for properly estimating rates for cleaning tasks and provide some ideas for quoting costs to consumers.

Quoting a rate too low means leaving money on the table and squandering an opportunity to profit. By providing to clean at a rate level that is barely profitable you will be harming the cleaning industry overall in your location and you will discover it difficult to raise rates to a rewarding level in the future. Trying to victory customers by pricing low is clearly a bad method for beginning in the cleaning company.

Quoting too high methods that you will certainly typically be declined by clients and might lose out on tasks unless your customers perceive that they will be getting above typical quality services from you. Having an established brand that your potential customers recognize with is one way to be able to price greater than the marketplace average. The other method is by providing really unique services or having an extremely effective sales method.

The best method to approximate a rate is to first of all come up with an approximation of for how long it will take to finish the job. Make an extensive inspection of the building in concern, break the job down into the different tasks then calculate the overall time that it will take you or among your employees to finish.

The next step is to take your time estimation and increase it by a reasonable per hour rate to calculate the total labor expense for the job. Remember to consist of traveling time.

A small allowance can then be included on for job relevant expenditures such as cleaning items, transportation expenses and devices expenses.

You should then add on another little allowance that can be put to your monthly fixed costs such as rent, insurance and marketing costs. You can develop a suitable figure by taking your overall regular monthly overheads and dividing this by the typical number of cleaning jobs that you do and month.

You will then have come to a figure that represents your overall expenses for the job. Finally, you can include on an ideal quantity of profit and then you will have the total quote amount that you can put forward to the business owner.

When you are starting you can compare your quotes to exactly what your rivals would charge for a comparable job to make sure that you are reasonably near reasonable value for your services.

Remember that the first time you do a cleaning job you will most likely spend a lot longer then you will on subsequent sees. After you have actually cleaned the home once you will then have it in affordable condition and you will be familiar with it. Many cleaning business operators charge an additional fee for the very first go to and you can think about doing this on a case-by-case basis, depending on the state of the home in question.

If you are pricing by the hour you should never let your client understand this. If you have actually quoted them for a three-hour job and they capture you leaving after two hours, then they might feel cheated. Price quote a rate for finishing the task instead of a per hour rate if you can get away with it.

Rate estimation in the cleaning business, or any service business for that matter takes time and skill to get right. Successful cleaning company operators begin off with a great pricing system and afterwards attempt to constantly best this system over time.

For more details on ways to begin a cleaning company visit -

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Local Motors 3D Printed Car A Success – Autoblog (blog)

Autoblog (blog site)
Local Motors 3D Printed Car A Success
Autoblog (blog)
Nissan is using the Leaf to power the production of “”reverse graffiti” “in London. The company has commissioned artist Moose to selectively wash dirt off of a wall outside of a subway station, leaving behind a mural of London landmarks. Moose made use of a jet
Nissan LEAF Powers “Reverse Graffiti” ArtistGas 2.0
Nissan LEAF powers London artist'' s graffitiTechnologyTell
Nissan LEAF Cleans More Than Air Pollution in LondonTorque News
New Automobile Internet -Coolest Gadgets
all 11 information posts »

& raquo; air graffiti – Google News

Local Motors 3D Printed Car A Success – Autoblog (blog)

Autoblog (blog)
Local Motors 3D Printed Vehicle A Success
Autoblog (blog site)
Nissan is utilizing the Leaf to power the production of “”reverse graffiti” “in London. The business has actually commissioned artist Moose to selectively wash dirt off of a wall outside of a subway station, leaving a mural of London landmarks. Moose made use of a jet
Nissan LEAF powers London artist'' s graffitiTechnologyTell
Nissan LEAF Cleans More Than Air Pollution in LondonTorque Information
Nissan LEAF assists create art work in spite of pollution in LondonCoolest Gadgets
Next Environment-friendly Automobile -New Vehicle Internet
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& raquo; air graffiti – Google News

Local Motors 3D Printed Car A Success – Autoblog (blog)

Autoblog (blog site)
Local Motors 3D Printed Car A Success
Autoblog (blog site)
Nissan is utilizing the Leaf to power the creation of “”reverse graffiti” “in London. The business has commissioned artist Moose to selectively clean dirt off of a wall beyond a subway station, leaving a mural of London landmarks. Moose utilized a jet
Nissan LEAF powers London artist'' s graffitiTechnologyTell
Nissan LEAF Cleans More Than Air Pollution in LondonTorque Information
Nissan LEAF assists create artwork in spite of pollution in LondonCoolest Gadgets
Next Environment-friendly Vehicle -New Car Net
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& raquo; air graffiti – Google News

Occasions Planning: Pointer On Making An Event A Success

In any occasion, planning is really crucial to its success. That is why most individuals decide to work with the services of event coordinators or occasion managers to do the task for them. Although employing event organizers are not essential, you can decide to the events planning yourself if you have the time. It is not a difficult task however it might need patience from you.

So how do you begin doing some occasions planning? You have to start by understanding what the event is everything about and start from there. Begin to note down all the ideas that come to your mind for the event. Making a list will certainly be really valuable and you can put the things you need to hire and acquire. Also suggest the people you will certainly have to talk. Include your target dates as well. And as you support your occasions planning, you can constantly refer to your checklist if you have missed out on something.

Second is to figure out the objective of the occasion you are preparing. If the event you have to plan will certainly require that you have a bigger turnout this year then you should clearly think about means on ways to attain this objective. These kinds of events are not as easy as preparing a birthday celebration, you will certainly require to believe creatively of your advertising schemes and the best ways to get more individuals to come.

Third is to set the spending plan for the event. You will need to know how much you or the company wants to invest for the occasion. If this event is supposed to be lucrative, you could also really want to speak with the company about their plans on how to get revenue from the event. Profitable events will need entryway charges to earn a little and reunions will have registration costs to cover up the costs.

Now that you understand the goals for the occasion and how much the budget is, you can now choose the location for the event. If you have a place in mind, you require to check for its availability instantly. Ask your customer what the time frame is and if it’s still moveable, by doing this there are more options to pick from. Your location’s capability need to have the ability to hold your maximum target turnout. You will certainly have to go to the place to take a look at if there is adequate parking space, if the place is roomy and comfortable, does it have phone or Web gain access to or whatever your event will certainly have to have.

Last but not least, you will have to choose the food you will be serving. If this is a lucrative occasion that you are preparing, you will require to get some food stalls in there. Nevertheless, if you are just preparing for a reunion that will certainly require to have a bigger turnout, you will certainly require to find an inexpensive catering service to service the event. It will actually depend upon exactly what the event must be so your occasions preparing need to currently be detailed from the start.

From expert business occasions to intimate wedding event places. Pointer and professional occasion management opinions.

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Motivational Life Quotes and Success in Life

You have actually probably observed the great trend of putting inspirational life quotes on the walls of house. It’s a wonderful way to keep yourself encouraged and energetic throughout the day. It’s best motivational device to put life quotations on the strategic places of your house. Making use of affirmations in addition to quotes can do marvels into your life.

Motivational Life Quotes and Goals

Decide your long term and brief term objectives like in next one year I need to buy a new home and in the next 2 years I need to make 10 thousand dollars and so on. Choosing goals is the key to success. Make workable action plan to achieve your objectives. Simply believe in yourself. Believe huge and you will get huge. Kick out all the unfavorable thoughts from your mind. Think positive and you will certainly get positive results. And whenever you feel down in the method of accomplishing goals and need inspiration to keep yourself aiming, Life Quotes are constantly there to offer you immediate boost in your energy and motivation.

Survive With Tough Time

We can’t disregard the truth that today’s life is complete of anxiety. There’s no refuting that we all are dealing with difficult moments. Peoples are being laid off and joblessness level is growing at a really fast rate. From terrorism to natural calamities to global warming, individuals are actually burnt out of the amount of destruction just waiting to take place.

And it doesn’t look like things will return to normal in near future. It appears as if things will certainly get worst. So what can we do to do well in this challenging time? How can we make ourselves strong and determined to combat challenging time? We have to alter our ideas. We need to think big. We have to think positive to survive. Motivational Life Quotes re-write negative ideas in your mind with positive ones and therefore helps you become effective individual in today’s tough time.

Success and your thought and feelings

Success relies on your thought and feelings and beliefs. Exactly what you think you become. Those who succeed individual have something in typical which is they think in themselves. They think that they deserve to obtain success. If you also do believe in yourself, you can also attain the exact same success. Antole France when stated, “To achieve wonderful things, we need to not only act, however also dream; not only strategy, however likewise believe.” So think in yourself and don’t let your dreams remain simply dreams. Achieve them and get success you are worthy of. And form a habit of reading Motivational Life Quotes on day-to-day basis to keep yourself complete of energy and motivated en route of success.

Go to our web site to read our collection of Famous
Life Quotes and
Love Quotes.

The Full Thottle Peak Performance Success Symposium Presented by Delatorro L. McNeal, II, MS, CSP -Peak Performance Professional

The Full Thottle Peak Performance Success Symposium Presented by Delatorro L. McNeal, II, MS, CSP -Peak Efficiency Specialist
Event on 2014-08-02 09:00:00

During this FREE Success Occasion you are ENSURED to find out:.
• How to Drastically Enhance your Personal & Specialist Efficiency so you can Get More Done and Have More Fun.
• 4 methods to Instantaneously Grow Your Management Influence, Get Promoted Faster & Grow Your Company More Swiftly.
• How to Swiftly Develop Lucrative Multiple streams of Earnings so you Make More Cash Now.
• The # 1 Means to Convert Followers & Fans into “Paying” Clients & Consumers.
• 6 Methods to STAY MOTIVATED & continue to be in a Peak Performance State Daily.
• The Top 3 Ability that you MUST Master to Make More Cash and Get Promoted Faster in the 21st Century.
• The 3R’s that Will certainly figure out if You will certainly Achieve ANY GOAL you EVER SET!

This event belongs to a 10-City National Trip.

Everyone who goes to will certainly get a FREE GIFT on the Spot!


Register totally free today at

at Wyndham Love Field
3300 West Mockingbird Lane.
Dallas, United States.

Katydid Collection To Sponsor Light The Runway Fashion Show And Dress For Success Dallas Fundraiser

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) May 16, 2013

Leading clothes garments line, Katydid Collection, is happy to reveal its sponsorship of the second yearly “Light the Runway” father-daughter fashion program, benefitting Dress for Success Dallas.

. The event– produced by Harriet Kellie Gibbe– will certainly take area Friday, May 19 from 7 p.m. to midnight at 129 Leslie in the Dallas Design District.

. Katydid T-shirts owner Katy Messersmith Mattox urges local fashion lovers to come and enjoy a night of great wine, fashion and light bites. Event tickets are in between $ 35 and $ 125 and can be bought at In addition to serving as the event’s host, Messersmith Mattox will be the show’s highlighted designer, and part of her spring collection will certainly be showcased on the occasion’s runway.

. Every woman can now use Katydid designs and graphic tees while likewise supporting Dress for Success Dallas. Katydid Collection has produced a “Going Places, Going Strong” ladies’s tee, echoing the company’s mission and motto. One hundred percent of proceeds from the tee will benefit the Dallas chapter of Dress for Success. The cotton tee is short-sleeved and loose fit with a scoop neck. The tees can be acquired at along with at the Outfit for Success Dallas offices at 13331 Preston Roadway, Suite 2122.

.”There are couple of organizations that so closely mirror my desire to empower females. Like me, Gown for Success desires ladies to feel positive in their attire, and by extension– in their own skin,” said Messersmith. “As a female entrepreneur who thinks deeply in the DFS objective, it is my honor to be a recurring sponsor and to host this unique night of fashion.”

. The funds raised at the May 17th fashion program will support the Dress for Success mission of promoting financial self-reliance of disadvantaged ladies by supplying expert clothes, a network of support and profession development devices to assist ladies flourish in work and in life. Last year, Outfit for Success Dallas supplied suits to more than 500 ladies, and the company anticipates to double that number in 2013.

. For sponsorship or other details about the occasion, please contact 972.392.9770 or dallas(at)dressforsuccess(dot)org.

. About Katydid Collection . Katy Messersmith initially arrived on the fashion scene in 2002 quite by mishap. While volunteering at a women’s prenatal clinic in Africa, her life deviated – literally, her luggage was lost and she was soon collaborating with local seamstresses. Those first designs showed the vivid, regional culture but lit an imaginative and entrepreneurial stimulate in Katy foreshadowing the vibrant Katydid productions to come. Today, the business is a multi-million dollar business based in the heart of the Dallas design district; Called in the 2010 Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing private business in America, Top Web Merchant 2010 and Katy was named in the leading 100 ladies in company by Dallas Company Journal, 2012.

. A firm follower in the power of giving back, Katy continuously searches for ways to make a distinction in the neighborhood and empower emerging ladies. Katy is currently serving on the board of Fashion Group International, and sponsors a number of events throughout the year for Dress for Success. A three year pledge sponsor of Susan G. Komen Dallas Affiliate, Katy was named hometown hero by Fox 4 TELEVISION for her contributions.

. The Katydid Collection lifestyle brand name consists of ladies’s clothing and devices. The youthful yet edgy styles, dynamic colors, and trademark popular motifs combineded with unforeseen patterns have actually become outfit staples for females of any ages. While customers are drawn to her products by the modern designs and creative embellishments, repeat consumers return for the remarkable quality of the garments. Katy demands the highest requirements for her label, and the whole clothing line is made in the U.S.A. The label is sold in more than 10,000 boutiques across the nation. For even more info, see or!.?.!. . . . .

“Event Entertainment and Production,” Celebrates a Decade of Success as The First and Only Book on These Topics for Meetings and Events

Washington, DC (PRWEB) May 06, 2014

Author Mark Sonder, MM, CSEP and Chief Entertainment Officer at the award winning music and entertainment agency Mark Sonder Productions, Inc. is proud to announce that the reach of his full-length hard cover book, “Event Entertainment and Production,” continues to be grow as the next generation of meeting and event planners becomes aware of the only text on the subjects of music, entertainment and production for the meetings, events and hospitality industries.

“Although it has been a decade now since its first printing,” Sonder states, “this book, considered the singular source on this subject matter, is now in the hands of many meeting and event planners and all colleges and universities which feature a meeting and event management department.” “I am proud to say that my publisher is the large firm, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,” continues Sonder.

What people are saying about Mark Sonder’s, “Event Entertainment and Production:”

“this book is the most comprehensive compendium of entertainment and production art and science that has ever been assembled.”

Dr. Joe Goldblatt, CSEP, Lecturer, Queen Margaret University, School of Business, Enterprise and Management, Tourism, Hospitality and Events in Edinburgh, Scotland

“I already have a copy and that’s how i know it is great. You are a wealth of knowledge.”

Harith Wickrema, Adjunct Professor Temple University

“Mr. Sonder has crafted an important body of work which is an essential for every Event professional.”

Richard Aaron, CMP, CSEP, President, BizBash Media

“LOVE the book!”

Mark Butts, Lighting Director The Kenny Chesney Show, Lighting Programmer Peoples Choice Awards for CBS in Los Angeles

The book is widely available and also online at

About author Mark Sonder and his company Mark Sonder Productions, Inc.

Mark Sonder is a Certified Special Event Professional since its inception (1993) and a founding member of these trade associations: The International Special Event Society, The Association of Entertainment Professionals, and The International Association of Corporate Entertainment Professional. Sonder also sits on the faculty of The George Washington University in Washington DC.

His company was created in 1985 to fill a growing need for music, entertainment, speakers, headline entertainers and supportive production in corporate and association meetings, conventions and special events plus facilities, casinos and concerts, the company in its 29 years, has worked in the US, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Contact: +1-540-636-1640 or msonder(at)marksonderproductions(dot)com

Success Celebrated, Growth Strategy Defined as Texas Western Hospitality Kicks Off 2014

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) May 03, 2014

Texas Western Hospitality kicked off 2014 with accolades, getting two of the most prominent honors bestowed by Hilton, in addition to 13 Marriott Select Service and Extended Stay Performance Awards. At the 2014 Texas Western Hospitality Management Conference in February, twenty high carrying out homes and individuals were recognized.

. 2013 was a historic year for Western International, moms and dad company of Texas Western Hospitality, with the sale of 26 hotels. In addition, Lisa Larson joined Texas Western as COO, bringing her considerable experience from Marriott International, where she served in significant management roles for many years.

. 2013 was a year of transition, as the business positioned itself for aggressive growth and to drive outstanding performance results. Third and 4th quarter results were remarkable and 2014 efficiency is beginning off even stronger, stated Lisa Larson, COO of Texas Western. At the conference, it was wonderful to see our leaders and partners acknowledged for their tough work and dedication to optimize the value of the owners hotels.

. Nearly 150 home leaders, corporate employee, and unique visitors from Hilton Worldwide; Marriott International, Inc.; and Apple Hospitality REIT were in participation for the Leadership Conference, themed Be Remarkable: Celebrating Our Tradition and Structure Our Future.

. Leaders from Hilton and Marriott shared info about brand name priorities, Western International Founder and Chairman B. Gene Carter lent solid business insights with his hallmark humor, and President and Chief Executive Officer Michael H. Mahoney talked about a strong growth path to develop 3,000 rooms over the next three years.

. It was impressive to hear from our creator, an industry icon, in addition to from our Chief Executive Officer about a strong future for Texas Western, stated Larson.

. Among honorees at the occasion was Hilton Waco Steward Delores Jetelina, who received the first ever Texas Western Spirit to Serve Award, marking 33 years of service.

. Dolores exemplifies exactly what Texas Western Hospitality is everything about, said Larson. She deserves this recognition for her dedication to looking after every guest and for impressive her associates. Because youth, Delores has conquered obstacles and has actually built a tradition of service.

. Other honor winners consist of Thomas Perez of Courtyard Brownsville, who was acknowledged as Impressive GM of the Year, while Paige Rice of TownePlace Suites Downtown Fort Worth and Residence Inn Fort Worth received Exceptional Sales Person of the Year. TownePlace Suites Fort Worth Downtown was named Hotel of the Year, amongst other honors.

. 2013 Honorees . Hilton Worldwide Awards: . Hilton Phoenix Chandler: Connie Honor . Hilton Phoenix Chandler: Blue Energy Honor

Marriott International Awards: . TownePlace Suites Fort Worth Downtown: Silver Circle Honor . TownePlace Suites Tucson Williams Centre: Diamond GM of the Year, Platinum Circle Honor, Tidiness of Suite Honor, Elite Recognition Award, Upkeep and Maintenance Award . TownePlace Suites Tucson Airport: Hotel of the Year . Houston Marriott Energy Corridor: Franchise Property Sales Team Honor Western Region . TownePlace Suites San Antonio Flight terminal: Silver Circle Honor . House Inn Tucson Flight terminal: Diamond Circle Honor . Home Inn Beaumont: Breakfast Enhancement Honor . Residence Inn Abilene: Platinum Circle Honor . Courtyard Abilene: Silver Circle Honor . Allie Giraldo, TownePlace Suites Fort Worth Downtown: Sales Quality Award GM

Texas Western Hospitality Home Awards: . TownePlace Suites Fort Worth Downtown: Hotel of the Year, Many Enhanced RevPar Index Growth, % to Index Objective, The majority of Improved House Revenue . TownePlace Suites Tucson Williams Centre: Finest Total Visitor Fulfillment . TownePlace Suites San Antonio Airport: Flow Through to Budget plan (Highest) . TownePlace Suites Houston Clear Lake: RevPar Development . TownePlace Suites Bryan College Station: Flow Thru to Spending plan (A lot of Improved) . Residence Inn Tucson Airport: TripAdvisor Position . Home Inn Houston I-10 West/Barker Cypress: RevPar Growth to Budget . Home Inn Fort Worth Cultural District: Highest House Profit Percentage . Home Inn Beaumont: The majority of Enhanced Guest Satisfaction . Home Inn Charlotte: Highest QA . Hilton Garden Inn El Paso Airport: Highest QA (of TWH Hilton homes) . Hilton Phoenix Chandler: Forecast Precision, Best General Visitor Fulfillment

Texas Western Hospitality Person Awards: . Paige Rice, TownePlace Suites Downtown Fort Worth and Home Inn Fort Worth: Outstanding Sales Individual of the Year . Ruben Ochoa, Hilton Yard Inn Tucson Flight terminal: Neighborhood Service Award . Bill Taylor, Hilton Phoenix Chandler: Impressive AGM/Operations . Advertisement Stephens, Hilton Waco: Outstanding Heart of Home (Back) . Dolores Jetelina, Hilton Waco: Spirit to Serve . Chelsea Hord, Hampton Inn & & Suites Arlington: Sales Productivity . Thomas Perez, Courtyard Brownsville: Outstanding GM of the Year . Susie Lim, Courtyard Waco: Impressive Heart of Home (Front)


. About Texas Western Hospitality . Texas Western Hospitality is the management arm of Western International, a vertically incorporated lodging company with over 30 years of successful history in hotel development and operations. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Texas Western Hospitality (TWH) happily handles numerous of the finest brands including Marriott and Hilton. TWH has grown to turned into one of the most respected lodging management business in the U.S. that presently runs over 35 hotels in 4 states. Visit to read more.


. . More Dallas Events Press Releases

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