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Changing Tone For Sydney Entertainment

165 Wentworth St Surry Hills has been home to many a club night, salsa dancing classes and even comedy nights. The location and outlay of the venue makes it a perfect location for a night out, after work drinks or a dinner date in one of the smaller, more intimate areas of the venue. This time around the club is also under new management with a whole world of new events and projects coming up.

Sasha Mukhin caught up with Ben Peterson, new owner of the venue, to check out the outlook for the near future as well as Jimmy Polar to chat about the lighting and sound deck out.

Sasha : Why did you decide to buy Mars Lounge?

Ben : Sydney needs more quality entertainment options, we are renovating the space to become a live performance space with a large stage, world class PA and lighting.

Sasha : What is your favourite feature of the venue?

Ben : One hundred year old timberwork throughout the venue.

Sasha : What have you been doing differently since you bought the venue?

Ben : Built a stage, all new furniture, World Class sound and lighting, totally new entertainment program including live music and performance including burlesque, art shows and much much more.

Sasha : What is your future plan for the club?

Ben : To be Sydneys premier 300 person live music venue.

Sasha : What can we expect from Tone in the near future?

Ben : Lots of internationals, album launches and special events coming up. Check out

Sasha : Anything else you would like to ad?

Ben : Everyone who mentions this article and buys a drink at our venue gets any meal from our menu for half price for the month of October 2010. (One per person per day.)

Sasha : Jimmy, tell us a little about the venue sound and lighting gear around here.

Jimmy : This is a multi format venue, it can host an incredible array of performances from dance parties, to hip hop mc battles to live funk, soul, jazz and electronic performances. The stage has three fold back sends with large front of house (F.O.H) full range boxes. There are also several wedge shape vocal boxes for sweet fold back on stage.

The main club system is custom built and flown. Passive three way QMX mid/high boxes are flown directly over the front of the stage and four double 15 subs are built in under the stage. The rig is driven by hand built Australian monitor Mosfet amplifiers, 3800W on each of the subs and 3200W to the mid high boxes. At this point the crossover is being handled by a DBX system processer but they are beginning to experiment with analogue components, URE filter networks and old style soft and warm stereo compression from a 1970s URE replica Rane rotary DJ mixer. Opting for a recording style F.O.H. console for some future development in the area of live recordings they chose a mid budget Soundcraft Ghost with nice preamps and versatility.

The main mix is picked up by a pair of BSS 31 band graphics with nice filters and adjustable notch. The DJ equipment consists of a pair of Technics turntables, Pioneer CDJ1000 and DJM800 mixer. The lighting is an American DJ Triphase, four Lightmotion LED Parcans, and Lightmotion Sputnik moving head. On special occasions they also bring out the Antari smoke and Lightmotion bubble machine.

Sasha : Thank you Ben and Jimmy.

If you would like to talk to us about your venues lighting and audio needs contact Julian Lacey at Lightsounds Projects on (02) 9789 1604 or 0430 922 674 or via email

Party lighting – DJ lights – Stage lights – LED Par Cans – Mirror balls – Strobe lights

Portrait of the artist as a young man – Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Morning Herald
Picture of the artist as a boy
Sydney Morning Herald
Edwina La'' farge talked fluent French from her constantly red lipsticked, bee-stung lips before letting the inhaled smoke snake from her beautiful open mouth, hesitant to leave such gorgeous quarters to indifferent air. Her skin was as pale as a page

air graffiti – Google News

Quotes from the Sydney Gold Symposium

Kris Sayce from Money Morning Australia went to the Sydney Gold Seminar this week. He confesses no rewards for making the right guess on the viewpoints on gold and silver. “The message was buy both. And buy them now.” Which he says, made him feel a bit awkward.

Below are Kris’ highlights from the conference – and a word of caution:-

Monday’s keynote speaker was Egon von Greyerz. Below are a few option quotes:

“There are three sorts of money. There is money which wears (Zimbabwe), there is cash that will become useless (United States dollar), and there is real money (gold).”

“100,000 people making typical $ 40,000 need to work for 350 years to produce as much earnings as Ben Bernanke can print $ 1.4 trillion in a portion of a second.”

Exactly what’s the difference? The very first is mostly efficient work … The latter is a guy pushing a button!

“Nixon should have been impeached for going off the gold requirement, not Watergate … or shot even! It was the worst criminal act I have actually ever seen.”

The afternoon session saw our old friend, Dan Denning take the phase:

“The gold requirement ought to be the pal of the working guy …

“You can not have real liberty without gold as real money.”

And on the sham of main banks having an inflation target, Dan mentioned an inflation target of 3 % means the main bank is authorising the steady erosion of personal wealth … by 3 % each year.

But “under a gold standard [the individuals] can not be robbed by the main bank because way.”

The second day was a ripper too. But as we were chairing, we did not have the chance to take as numerous notes as we would have suched as. Richard Karn’s talk on specialized metals was the finest of the crop.

His finest slide compared nations’ money supply development and reported inflation rates. Turns out Australia’s cash supply is growing quicker than the U.S. Yet formally our inflation is under control!

However getting back to our point from the beginning of this letter, some parts of the Gold Seminar made us feel a bit uneasy.

Our company know it was a gold conference. And we knew everyone would be bullish on the yellow metal. But still, we had expected some counter arguments. Or at least for among the speakers to state, “Of course, if I’m wrong, this will take place …”

The closest any of the speakers pertained to this was (we believe) John Embry of Sprott Property Management. To paraphrase, he said: “Beware exactly what you want for. If there is devaluation it will be horrible for everyone.”

It’s an argument we’ve made right here sometimes. Our company know the gold bugs won’t like us saying it. However the finest outcome for gold investors is probably for the world’s economies to experience even more of the same … bailouts and main bank money printing.

That will be bad information for those who do not own gold as they’ll remain unaware of the silent destruction of their wealth. But for gold and silver investors it can (or need to) see precious metals crank higher gradually.”

The full post is available at

Perth Mint found in Perth, Australia, has actually been producing silver and >gold bullion bars and other bullion items because 1899. Discover out more about their services and the current >gold cost on their official site.

Ingenious and Interactive Kid Entertainment Sydney

Children today are too engrossed in play stations and computer game to discover anything else. But when it pertains to clowns and fairies, they get as excited as you have never ever seen them previously. There is something about these vibrant characters that can record everybody’s attention. Be it a 5 year old children or a 40 year old man, clowns and fairies have always handled to capture our attention and entertain us. Why just a kid’s party? Picture a celebration where you can become a children once again and re live those memories when you went to circus holding your daddy’s hand. Kid Home entertainment Sydney brings home the same fun and frolics of the circus at your backyard or garden. In case you really want to have a good time, together with your kids, then this is the thing for you.

As parents you always aim to provide your kids the best of everything. From food to clothing, education and security no matter exactly what it is, you want your youngsters to delight in the best of all things in life. You would never ever forget those moments when you had so much fun viewing the clowns perform numerous techniques and those amusing programs which made you laugh so hard. If you could also provide your children the exact same enjoyable time, the very same enjoyment and exact same memories for a life, why would not you gamble at it? The time your children will have at this party would be etched in his mind permanently.

From magicians, to pirates, princesses to mermaids and fairies, the Children Celebration Entertainers Sydney have got it all. Employ from among these entertainers to have a party filled with enjoyable filled interactive activities, video games, magic, music dance to keep all the visitors captivated. Ever thought about hiring these party entertainers for fetes and corporate parties? You need to be believing that it would not be a sensible idea to have clowns and fairies dancing about in a workplace party with all the company hotshots present.

However these entertainers are unlike other you have known. They have something for everyone. Give it a shot as soon as and you will see that it will end up being a celebration everybody busy talking about.

The colorful characters like Pixie, Bubbles, Dusty, the fairy and the Clown are all available in budget friendly plans from $ 200 to $ 270 on a per hour basis. There is also a deluxe package offered at a little higher rate. The equipments for the games, races, pass the parcel etc. are offered by the party entertainers themselves. Getting specialists entertainers will assist you save a lot of time, energy along with concern that is generally associated with arranging a celebration. What could make your party the finest celebration, exactly what kind of food you would wish to serve the guests, the design and more? With the experts taking control of the entertainment part, you can now concentrate on other plans. So without any further delay employ the Kid Celebration Entertainers Sydney to offer your children and guests a charming time at a celebration.

Marry kirsten is a kids psychology expert, who discovers the value of various types of entertainment sessions for kids. Be it Children Party Entertainers Sydney or preschool activities for children, Merry always has a significant opinion to share. Visit: to understand exactly what she states about the personality development of kids.

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It’s attitude that separates street art from graffiti – Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Morning Herald
It's attitude that separates street art from graffiti
Sydney Morning Herald
When we moved to Redfern, the back-lane graffiti was pretty much structural. Not just tagging. It was nasty stuff, meant to intimidate, naming the local police, their children, their children's schools. The prevailing crime family kept a caravan there

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graffiti – Google News

It’s attitude that separates street art from graffiti – Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Morning Herald
It's attitude that separates street art from graffiti
Sydney Morning Herald
When we moved to Redfern, the back-lane graffiti was pretty much structural. Not just tagging. It was nasty stuff, meant to intimidate, naming the local police, their children, their children's schools. The prevailing crime family kept a caravan there

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graffiti – Google News

It’s attitude that separates street art from graffiti – Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Morning Herald
It's attitude that separates street art from graffiti
Sydney Morning Herald
When we moved to Redfern, the back-lane graffiti was pretty much structural. Not just tagging. It was nasty stuff, meant to intimidate, naming the local police, their children, their children's schools. The prevailing crime family kept a caravan there

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graffiti – Google News

New York thinks they’ve caught Banksy, maybe – Sydney Morning Herald

Wall Street Journal
New York thinks they've caught Banksy, maybe
Sydney Morning Herald
Banksy is taking to the streets of New York this month, creating an open-air exhibition entitled Better Out Than In. Advertisement "Popular graffiti artist Banksy may have been betrayed by a bad battery," said the New York Daily News under McLean's
Famed street artist Banksy doesn't feel the love in New YorkThe Australian
PHOTOS: Street Artist Banksy Creating New Work in NYCSan Jose Mercury News media center
Banksy gets political in latest LES workNew York Daily News
Huffington Post -Washington Post (blog) -Foreign Policy (blog)
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Labor’s campaign kick-off – Sydney Morning Herald

Labor's campaign kick-off
Sydney Morning Herald
Graffiti tags looked down onto the well-worn stage as supporters drank from reusable thermos. And, at the precise moment the national anthem drew Whether he thought the now infamous on-air jiggle (my eyes!) would have the same effect as Bill

air graffiti – Google News

Give peace a chance – Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Morning Herald
Give peace a chance
Sydney Morning Herald
"No Surrender", the graffiti proudly proclaims, the slogan Derry was once so well known for. Advertisement The soldiers have gone from the parade ground, which has been replaced by an open-air concert space. The barracks themselves have become a 

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Morning Express: Monday, May 27 – Sydney Morning Herald

Morning Express: Monday, May 27
Sydney Morning Herald
2GB host Chris Smith witnessed the incident and said the man's body was thrown 25 metres into the air and "was virtually cartwheeling across the road". …. than 1300 carriages extensively deep cleaned by June 30; Properly clean fabric seats in

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Photo Booth Brisbane – Photo Booth Sydney

Mr. Smith is throwing an office party for one of his best employees. His employee has worked there for twenty-two years and is retiring. He has been one of the best workers there, and has often saved the company from trouble. Mr. Smith wants to make sure that this office party is one that will bring a lot of good memories to everyone. The employee is a favorite of most coworkers and a lot of people are very sad to see him go. Mr. Smith calls the town’s best catering service and orders only the best food and beverages. He also hires a DJ that will play a mix of songs to please the ears of everyone. Aside from that, Mr. Smith really has no clue how to make this retirement office party memorable. He is thinking of hiring a photographer, but it may be a little overboard.

That’s when Mr. Smith’s wife suggests a photo booth be brought to the party. “A photo booth??” Mr. Smith replies with a puzzled look on his face. His wife explains to him that photo booths can be delivered to the party where people can take pictures and have memories to last them a life time. “What a great idea!” Mr. Smith enthusiastically belts out.

At the party, everyone checks out the Vintage Photobooth and they took pictures in it periodically between dancing and eating. Everyone loved the Vintage Photobooth and the employee that was retiring got to take his picture with many of the coworkers together.

He even took a picture together with the boss, Mr. Smith.

Are you planning an important event and want to give it a unique twist? It can be a party or other kind of event, it does not matter. Then a photo booth may be just the answer. At we embrace vintage nostalgia. With all of the major changes we are seeing in today’s world, there has been one thing that has remained popular, and that is the photo booth. Across the century, countless of kisses and fun filled frolics have been recorded with the photo booth. The photo booth has survived the vanishing of the video arcades, the Great Depression, and five and dime stores. It has even survived the digital age of cell phones.

Nostalgic Photobooths are great for any event, because they give a unique twist to the celebration. You may think that people wouldn’t really care about a photo booth, because they already have cameras on their cell phones. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is that those events that have had photo booths will have people taking pictures with their cameras still, but at the same time they will be eager to use the photo booth as well. In fact, they will usually grab their friends and loved ones and pile into the photo booth together to take their pictures. We have many testimonials of people who have had these booths at their parties and events and afterwards the people that attended could not stop talking about how great of a time they had with them. Call us today and find out more about Vintage Photobooths.

Photo booth Brisbane ~ Photo booth Sydney Description A great way to get the party started is to hire a Photo booth Brisbane. There are also Photo Booth Sydney available for hire.

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